Tortas Frontera (Chicago O’Hare International Airport)

When: Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Where: Tortas Frontera, O’Hare International Airport, 10000 W O’Hare, Terminal 1, Gate B11, Chicago, IL 60666

One annoying thing about the Chicago O’Hare International Airport is you only get 20 minutes of free WiFi per device, and if you want more, well, you’ve got to pay. For example, you’ll have to pay US$6.95 to be able to access the Internet on the same device for the next 24 hours, or sign up for a US$5.00 per month “deal” to get back online.

That sucked, so during the lengthy layover after I’d burned through all of the available complimentary minutes on all of my devices, it was time to walk around and find other interesting things around the airport. After all that, I got a Rishi Organic Summer Lemon Iced Tea from Tortas Frontera, which is located in Concourse B. This iced tea, which is pure black tea with a twist of lemon, cost US$2.75 (which came to $3.04 after tax). I didn’t like it as it was just a little too bitter for me.



Tortas Frontera, which apparently is known for its Mexican specialties and is one of the sandwich chains owned by famed chef Rick Bayless, also serves soup, salad, fruit juices, sandwiches, and salsa.


Getting back to the WiFi at the airport, yup, I kept checking on my devices to see if I could somehow get additional free minutes. No such luck. They just get you to click on several different buttons – this is not an exaggeration! – which leads you to a few different pages, before they tell you that you’d used up all of your complimentary minutes and now had to pay. Yuck.



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