Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt Burger (Wendy’s at YVR)

For my trip to Dayton, Ohio, during the first week of December, I had an 8:00 a.m. flight and decided to stay at the Vancouver International Airport overnight. At the airport, there was a lot of time to kill, and Wendy’s and Starbucks were the only places that were open in the area that I was hanging out.

At some point, I got up and went to check out Wendy’s menu board. The last time I’d had Wendy’s food was several summers ago when my baseball boss and I ordered from the Cambie and Broadway location. That was a long time ago! Anyway, I recall seeing the TV commercials for Wendy’s new Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt Burger when I was at I.C.’s place in Nanaimo, and as I stood there in line, I was leaning towards ordering that burger. (Just a very minor point, but for White Spot’s new burger, they spell it ‘Portobella’ whereas Wendy’s spells it with an ‘a.’ It could be spelled either way, but anyway….)


When there was a lineup in front of me, it was Lady A that took the orders and rang them into the till. After the last person ahead of me ordered – and all of those who had ordered sat down to wait for their food or had already gotten it – Lady A went to do some other tasks.

So, it was my turn and I stood there waiting for Lady A to return. She didn’t, and now Lady B emerged and stood about halfway between the wall and the counter. Interestingly, Lady B stood there and did not acknowledge me – even though I made eye contact. I wasn’t sure if Lady B was just someone who simply filled the customers’ trays when their food was ready, or she also worked on the till too. She wore a red uniform and Lady A wore dark blue (probably a regular employee versus a manager), so I didn’t think they did the same roles. But at any rate, Lady B just stood there and didn’t acknowledge me. Now, normally, at a fast food joint, they’re always trying to get your attention by waving or (sort of) yelling, “I can help you here!” But at this 24-hour Wendy’s, this particular “cashier” had no enthusiasm whatsoever (or interest, I would say, in taking an order), and I initiated things by telling her what I wanted. Naturally, she mumbled a question which I couldn’t hear (which turned out to be, “What would you like to drink?”). Anyway, whatever. Not the greatest customer service but not a big deal since this was just fast food.

Except she assumed I wanted their 1/2 pound (double) burger instead of their standard 1/4 pound (single) burger. That’s what I was charged, and what I received. I find that to be annoying, like she’s paid to give customers a heart attack by assuming they want the double patty without asking. You would think if the customer didn’t say either way, he/she is just ordering the standard, regular burger. Geez.


Still, the burger was delicious, as the beef patties were juicy. It was a good burger, but I guess I would still give the nod to White Spot for their Portobella burger, the one that I had on the ferry en route to Nanaimo the previous weekend.


I had to do some research online for this information later, as I was a bit annoyed with the service. Back in 2013, the Western Canada Regional Director of Operations for Wendy’s proudly said the following when this airport location was opened: “Our commitment to delivering on our customers’ expectations of superior quality is real. We want every single customer to have a great experience at Wendy’s – one they won’t get anywhere else.”

Hahahah. Laughable. I’m sure if I ‘wanted’ sloppy service (which was exactly what I got with the lack of acknowledgement, the muttering of a question, and the assumption I wanted a heart attack faster), I could get that elsewhere too.

Yeah, I know. Why am I writing so much content for a fast food blog spot, right? All in all, a delicious burger. Everything else… yuck. Probably should have gone with Starbucks instead. (Well, to be fair, perhaps that sort of attitude from Lady B was just a warm-up to how those people at customs would treat you. Oh yeah, it was way worse going through customs, just like what I’d experienced in each one of my trips outside of the country.)


When: Tuesday, December 2, 2014
What: Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt Burger Combo
Where: Wendy’s at the Vancouver International Airport (Richmond, BC)
How Much: C$8.99 plus tax



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