Megabite Pizza (Burnaby)

On my way to SFU Burnaby one Sunday afternoon in November, I stopped by Megabite Pizza at Production Way-University Station for a quick bite.

photo 4

Years ago when I used to work downtown, for a brief period I would go to the Megabite location on Granville Street maybe a couple of times a month because it was so close to my workplace. I can’t remember why I stopped going but I eventually did and began trying other places downtown. Anyway, I don’t think I’d been to any Megabite location since then – even though they have expanded to nine locations in Greater Vancouver.

I’d been going to SFU for various errands for a few years running now. Every time I head there via Production Way-University Station, I would see the Megabite Pizza sandwich board advertising a variety of their items, such as their poutine and other specials. Each time, I would resist my cravings…until that one Sunday afternoon in mid-November. Well, if I wanted a better deal, I could go find FreshSlice Pizza since I was handed a couple of coupons two weeks earlier when I was walking by their Commercial Drive/Broadway location. At FreshSlice, I could get two slices of pizza and a pop for C$2.99 plus tax (which comes to C$3.15) using one of those coupons (which don’t expire until March 2015).

photo 2 (6)

However, there was no FreshSlice in this area. Just Megabite. And that Megabite sandwich board was right in front of me as I was en route to SFU, that sandwich board advertising two slices and a pop for C$5.75 including tax. I gave in, and walked a few steps and went into the Megabite store. I looked at the menu board to see if there was any other deal. Sure, a pound of wings with fries and a pop for C$9.99 (if I remember correctly), and some other items. Nah. And I wasn’t in any mood for poutine. So, two slices of pizza with a pop it was! I chose a slice of their Pepperoni Pizza and one of the Pulled Pork Pizza. For the pop, I went with Orange Fanta, something I hadn’t had in ages.

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (5)

I mean, you know going in that the pizza you’re getting isn’t the same quality as the ones served in places such as Boston Pizza or Pizza Hut, so your expectations can’t be too high. For me, I was satisfied with the pizza I got during this visit. The pepperoni pizza was okay, and I thought the pulled pork pizza was great. It was lunch for under six bucks, and I would much rather eat this than fork over twenty dollars for Chinese food at some supposedly fancy restaurant where they choose not to speak English. With this location too, it’s definitely convenient for students since it’s right at Production Way-University Station.

If there was any reservation about this visit, I guess it’s that I could have gotten the same quantity of pizza and pop for C$2.60 less had I gone to FreshSlice. Perhaps next time!

When: Sunday, November 16, 2014
What: Pepperoni Pizza Slice; Pulled Pork Pizza Slice; Orange Fanta Pop
Where: Megabite Pizza, #160 – 3292 Production Way, Burnaby, BC, V5A 4R4
How Much: C$5.75 including tax for two slices and a pop
Final Thoughts: Better than Chinese food, in my opinion.

photo 3 (5)


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