Chubby Chicken Burger (A&W)

Stopped by A&W in the Metrotown Mall food court on a Friday afternoon back in early November, and got a Chubby Chicken Burger with Onion Rings and a beverage.

Hey, after all, they were having a special deal with that burger for C$3.00 – for a limited time only.


Add C$4.50 and you get a side of onion rings with a soft drink – and that’s what I got.

Though this was supposed to be fast food, it was a long wait on this afternoon. There were a couple of other customers who had also ordered and were waiting for their food, just like I was. I would say the staff was very disorganized at this A&W location on this day. Oh well.



Not that it was a surprise, but the burger was not that big. Again, it was only three bucks so I didn’t have very high expectations for it. (I do recall seeing a recent TV commercial advertising it where one of the guys actually said the burger was “big.” ) The chicken was crunchy, though, which was terrific. As for the onion rings, well, I’d had A&W’s onion rings many times before, so I knew what they were about. On this visit, they were delicious as usual.

When: Friday, November 7, 2014
What: Chubby Chicken burger (combo with onion rings)
Where: A&W
How Much: C$7.50, plus tax
Final Thoughts: Who could resist A&W’s onion rings? The burger was tiny, but the chicken was nice and crunchy.


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