KFC Popcorn Chicken (KFC)

One of the reasons for having this blog is to highlight some of the restaurants that I visit weekly, and (hopefully) talk about why their food and/or service is special. Obviously, though, it’s hit-and-miss. There’s the good service I received at Sushi Royal House and Blowfish Sushi, and then there’s the time when the manager at Kingsway Sushi muttered in Cantonese to his staff that so-and-so customer was cheap as I was leaving the premises. There was the lack of service (and plates, apparently) at Hiro Sushi, and the fairly mediocre (yet pricey) lasagna at Felicia’s. Lack of professionalism at B.C. Sushi, and so on. I could go on and on, but I’m sure the archives on this blog can fill you in on what went wrong in those places (other than Kingsway Sushi).

Anyway, so sometimes I would rather not bother with sit-down restaurants and instead head to the food court in the mall for some cheap food. No poor-service nonsense there. And no Kingsway Sushi-type managers scoffing at customers who don’t leave a generous tip due to poor service.

So, one Tuesday afternoon in early November, I was in the Metrotown food court and noticed on the KFC menu that they had pulled pork sandwiches. I decided to try one, since I’d never had it before. Alas, the cashier told me they no longer offered it (!!). Geez, I wonder why it was still on the menu then! I didn’t think about it, but I probably could have gone with their Tuesday special (or better yet, just walked away). Instead, I ordered their Popcorn Chicken, which I’ve always thought is good and crunchy. Yeah, actually, the popcorn chicken was better than the “special” because if I remember correctly, it’s now almost four bucks for the so-called “Tuesday Toonie” deal.


The popcorn chicken, as usual, was delicious. Very crunchy. However, as I recall, I had to pay an extra C$1.50 to get a medium size, because a small was simply not enough. Also, even though it’s not exactly “bait-and-switch,” I still feel that they should have removed any mention of their pulled pork sandwich if that item was no longer being offered.

Oh yeah, the popcorn chicken came with your choice of sauces. I went with the plum sauce, which I also used to dip the rather mediocre and dry fries. Not a fan of KFC fries.

When: Tuesday, November 4, 2014
What: KFC Popcorn Chicken combo (medium sized popcorn chicken but regular fries and drink)
Where: KFC, Metrotown food court, Burnaby, BC
How Much: C$9.19 (which came to C$9.65 including taxes)


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