99-cent Mountain Dew (Nesters Market at SFU)


After having lunch at Zhao’s Soup House in Richmond on the same Saturday afternoon, I headed to SFU Burnaby for another errand. But before then, I stopped by Nesters Market on campus to grab a Mountain Dew.

I knew that they often had deals on their soft drinks, and I was right: The 473-ml King Can size was 99 cents (which meant it was just C$1.10 after tax and deposit). Sure, a case would be cheaper, but c’mon, I only wanted one can and besides, I don’t drink it that often. This was way better than getting that pop at Zhao’s Soup House (for C$2.50) – which I didn’t. Plus, all of the vending machines on campus had the 591-ml bottles for C$2.50. I mean, a buck was a good deal to me.


Ahhh yes, in the last post too, I mentioned that I had saved half of the avocado rice for dinner. So, this Mountain Dew and the rice made a good combination on campus. 🙂 Normally, I drank the Dew when I needed a jolt for my writing work. It’s just very refreshing and helps me to focus on whatever it is I need to do. I guess you could call it my “drug.” 🙂


I know I said earlier that I didn’t have any cash on me – but obviously I had a loonie and a dime on me to get my “drug.” Oh, Nesters had Pepsi and Iced Tea too at the same 99-cent price.


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