Felicia’s Italian Cuisine Restaurant (Vancouver)


Felicia’s Italian Cuisine Restaurant seems like a nice, little cozy Italian restaurant hidden on East Hastings and Kamloops Street. Every time I walk by that area, I see the sign outside advertising chili and chicken & veggie burger specials – but I’d never gone in to actually check them out until Halloween’s Day back in October.

It was a Friday night, it was Halloween’s, and when I was there, the place was empty. The owner was very friendly, chatting me up by informing me about the specials and handing me a menu. I decided to have a Home-made Meat Lasagna, which was C$19.95. Since it was kind of pricey – and the menu didn’t have any pictures to show any of the dishes – I figured it was a really large plate of lasagna. Hey, why not? For 20 bucks, I’d love to have some fine Italian home-made lasagna! Yummy! The owner also asked if I wanted a beer, but I opted for just water – and declined her suggestion of Sprite. I’d been drinking too much pop – and that’s not good for me – and I really wanted to stop getting sucked into paying inflated prices for these types of beverages when eating out.

The restaurant, meanwhile, had this retr0 feel to it with the decorations and the newspaper clippings attached to the walls. Seemed like a nice place. They had some AM radio station playing oldies in the background – I heard Rod Stewart’s Maggie May at one point – and the flatscreen was tuned in to some movie or documentary channel. The owner’s daughter, who helps her out in this family-run establishment (according to one of the newspaper reviews of this restaurant that was stuck to the wall), came out from the back periodically to talk to her.




While I was waiting for the food, the owner gave me a basket of complimentary home-made bread, and I had a couple of pieces. They were decent, but nothing special. Good thing they were complimentary. Some establishments might charge for them, but fortunately, it wasn’t the case here at Felicia’s.


The lasagna finally came after a while – I was surprised because I expected it to come out from the back, where the kitchen would be. Instead, the owner brought it out from the space behind the counter, which was where some of the meals were prepared too! Wow, that was unexpected!

Something else that was unexpected was the portion. It was nice and fresh lasagna, and you could see the boiling sauce as she placed the plate on my table. But I thought it was kind of small! Hmm, for 20 bucks I guess I expected more – and I’m not a big eater to begin with. Oh well.


Home-made Meat Lasagna

As for the taste, it was decent but it definitely didn’t wow me. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t really had Italian food…but I didn’t think this lasagna was that special. The sauce was a little bland – not that much flavour to it.

I was halfway done with the lasagna and then a couple of regulars came in – it was 9:00 p.m. at that point – and sat down. Shortly after, a group of youngsters came in and wanted to sit in the back, but the owner said that area was reserved (odd, I guess, but then again, this place doesn’t close till 11:00 p.m.). They initially ordered some beer, but one of the guys in the group decided they shouldn’t stay – and so they cancelled the order and left. However, one of the girls left her car keys behind at their table – but they never came back to get them – and the restaurant owner’s daughter put those keys away for safe-keeping. I don’t know if the group was put off by the fact they couldn’t get a nice table in the back area, but oh well.

When: Friday, October 31, 2014
What: Home-made Meat Lasagna
Where: Felicia’s Italian Cuisine Restaurant, 2492 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 1Z1
How Much: C$19.95
Final Thoughts: I thought that it was very pricey for the lasagna, and the portion wasn’t even that huge. The sauce, I felt, was bland. The owner, though, was nice. All in all, I would have to say the food didn’t meet my expectations, so for me it wasn’t worth spending the money to eat there.


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