Cajun NY Steak Caesar (Firefighters’ Public House)


Cajun NY Steak Caesar


Was in the Burnaby area on a Sunday evening in late October, and I stopped by the Firefighters’ Public House on Bonsor Avenue outside of Metrotown Mall. It was my second visit to this pub.

I’d read online prior to coming that the Sunday special was the Cajun NY Steak Caesar for C$12.95 between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., so I just asked for that and an Iced Tea without looking at the menu. I thought that the server seemed unsure of herself, and she (in my opinion) kind of looked at me as though I were an alien. Oh well.

It was 6:30 when I was there, and at that time there were a few customers but it wasn’t packed at all as it was a very spacious pub. I wouldn’t say the service was speedy, though.



The server was kind enough to ask me if I wanted any HP sauce with the steak and checked in with me once to see if the food was okay. Oh yeah, on this night the Sunday Night Football game between the Packers and Saints were on, as well as Game Five of the World Series and the Canucks-Capitals game, and I was glad that the Green Bay-New Orleans tilt was shown on all of the screens. Anyway, the server did come ask me if I wanted that football game on the monitor directly in front of me – because some other patrons wanted the hockey game on in their area. I thanked her and wanted to continue with the football game.

My steak was medium rare, and I found it to be delicious. Not hard to chew at all, so I was a fan of it. The Caesar salad was all right, but there weren’t any croutons. A small fly had mysteriously snuck in somehow and was flying around my food, and I had to shoo it away. Now, one thing I found odd was that the server never asked me if I wanted another iced tea or brought a new glass over, even though I’d finished that first glass rather quickly. Hmm.



I enjoyed the food, and also the game as the Saints scored a touchdown after a fluky interception gave them the ball back, giving them a 23-16 lead. (Though I should mention I was expecting a higher-scoring game than this especially since Tom Brady threw five touchdown passes earlier in the day and Ben Roethlisberger beat that by throwing for six a few hours later – so I was expecting more from this Aaron Rodgers-Drew Brees matchup.) Another server then changed the TV channel shortly after, because a couple of new customers had just come in, sat at a table behind me, and wanted the hockey game. I asked for the bill and an iced tea refill when my server returned.

I was a bit surprised when the bill came – along with the second iced tea – that I was charged for two pops. I didn’t realize that refills weren’t free. No wonder I wasn’t brought a second one during the course of the evening. Well, I at least should have been asked if I wanted anything else to drink so that I knew what was going on. My first time at Firefighters’ was with Carson back in late August, and I don’t think I was charged for refills then (or maybe I didn’t have them that night).

Anyway, I guess the proper way to explain this is that probably you get the special price for the daily special provided you purchase a beverage – and there is no refills for the beverage. I would guess that that’s the reason. But I didn’t care enough to ask.

I stuck around and made sure I finished that second glass of iced tea. After all, since I paid for it, why waste it?

When: Sunday, October 26, 2014
 Cajun NY Steak Caesar (Sunday Special); two Iced Teas
Where: Firefighters’ Public House, 6515 Bonsor Avenue, Burnaby, BC (in the Metrotown area)
How Much: C$12.95; C$7.60
Final Thoughts: I appreciated the fact that they had the football game on for as long as they did before switching to the first intermission of the Canucks game. And oh, the steak was delicious.



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