Moulin Rouge (Vancouver)


After running another errand out at SFU Burnaby on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I stopped by Moulin Rouge on Hastings and Renfrew upon my return to Vancouver.

I’d never eaten at Moulin Rouge before, though I’d been to this restaurant location in the past when it was still Tom & Jerry’s. I’d wanted to try an Italian place on Hastings back in Burnaby, but changed my mind when I didn’t find anything interesting on the menu posted on the window – and also I saw a couple walk right out after walking in. I then soldiered on in the rain for a bit all the way to Moulin Rouge.

Once inside Moulin Rouge, I was glad to be out of the rain. Since it was Saturday, the daily special was their Grilled Pork Chop and I decided to have that. I also ordered their 1/2 lb Crisp Dry Ribs and a pop.


1/2 lb Crisp Dry Ribs

The dry ribs came with Asian dipping sauce, and both were tasty – though at one point I went on a brief coughing fit after having some of the sauce. It was probably because I choked on something, but not because of the rain as I’d been sitting in the restaurant for quite some time and had been out of the miserable weather for a bit. Nonetheless, everything tasted delicious. The ribs were crunchy as advertised, and the sauce was sweet.


Grilled Pork Chop

With the grilled pork chop, the sauce was awesome. Alas, the meat was hard to chew so I struggled with it. The fries, meanwhile, were quite good. I just couldn’t finish it all so I ended up not eating all of the them. These fries were as good as any pub fries I’ve had.

The service was great. The servers asked me if I wanted pop refills and checked in with me. I’d read before online where some customers complained about the supposed rude and aggressive behaviour by servers at this establishment – but I experienced none of that. So, it was a good night.

I noticed on the menu that all of the items are under C$10.00. Certainly it seems like a good place for a bite especially since it’s open 24 hours. There are flatscreens all over showing sports, and on this night they were showing a Vancouver-Colorado soccer game (instead of Game Four of the Royals-Giants World Series). Great for sports fans. (Though I wouldn’t stop by here when the Canucks are playing – I hate them and their fans…kidding about the fans part.)

When: Saturday, October 25, 2014
What: Grilled Pork Chop; 1/2 lb Crisp Dry Ribs; Pop
Where: Moulin Rouge, 2828 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 5C5
How Much: C$5.99; C$7.99; C$2.75
Final Thoughts: A great place for sports….and all of the menu items are under C$10 with daily specials at C$5.99.



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