Kim House Japanese Bistro (Seymour)


When I used to work downtown, I sometimes would go to Kim House Japanese Bistro for a late lunch, as they had “Happy Hour” after 4:00 p.m. – 10% off all items on their menu.

That must have been at least three years ago… and one Saturday night back in October I was downtown and decided to check them out again. Yup, Kim House was still there and they still had that 10% deal after 4:00, so I went in for old times’ sake. 😛

It was the same server from before when I used to visit. She didn’t smile (not her thing, I guess) but she was efficient in bringing the menu and serving tea.

Kim House is not just a Japanese restaurant; they offer Vietnamese dishes too. After going through the menu, I decided on the Grilled Beef and the N.Y. Steak & Salmon Teriyaki, which comes with Miso Soup and a bowl of rice.

One thing missing from this restaurant: TV’s. There was some light jazz music on, so it was a nice and relaxing place to enjoy a meal without any distraction from flatscreens and stuff like that. On this particular night, the Canucks-Lightning game was being played in Vancouver, but obviously if you wanted to watch the Canucks lose (I always do), across the street there’s a sports bar so you could always head down there for that. 😛

As for the restaurant itself, the place is huge with plenty of tables, and fancy decorations and posters on the wall with all their roll special combos. There weren’t a lot of people here on this night, though. (Must be out drinking and watching the Canucks lose, haha!)


N.Y. Steak & Salmon Teriyaki – a steaming hot plate of yummy food indeed

The Grilled Beef is a Vietnamese appetizer dish, and the meat was chewy but I liked it! There was a lot of sauce from the meat as well, which made it very tasty.


Grilled Beef

As for the N.Y. Steak & Salmon teriyaki, it was delicious. The meat wasn’t hard at all – in fact, it was fairly tender and easy to chew. The salmon was good too.


The service was good. Note I didn’t say “friendly”; I just said it was “good.” As I’d mentioned, this particular server doesn’t like to smile, but she was efficient and she brought over tea refills. Didn’t say anything to me, but that’s just as well, because that meant I could enjoy my meal peacefully. 🙂

When: Saturday, October 18, 2014
What: Grilled Beef; N.Y. Steak & Salmon Teriyaki (comes with rice and miso soup)
Where: Kim House Japanese Bistro, 538 Seymour Street Vancouver, BC, V6B 3K4
How Much: C$5.95; C$14.95 (both dishes minus 10% because of the “Happy Hour” deal after 4:00 p.m.)
Final Thoughts: A nice place to enjoy a quiet dinner, with good and efficient service. It’s never too busy, at least not during all of the times I’ve been here.



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