Blowfish Sushi & Japanese Restaurant (Vancouver)

Was in the East Hastings/PNE area one raining Friday night in mid-October, and I stopped by Blowfish Sushi & Japanese Restaurant. I initially wasn’t sure if I should enter, because it was already 9:05 p.m. and the sign at the door said they closed at 9:30. However, there was a small group of teenagers still in the restaurant – talking loudly – so I figured they weren’t closing any time soon.

I was brought three separate menus and it took a few minutes to go through them to figure out what I wanted, since I hadn’t been here before. I finally went with the Crazy Buster Rolls and Chicken Karaage.


The Crazy Buster were crunchy tuna rolls wrapped with tuna sashimi and drizzled with spicy mayo. The chicken karaage, meanwhile, were boneless fried chicken nuggets – a bit different from the ones I was accustomed to.

Both dishes were great, but it wasn’t that pleasant of an experience. For one thing, I felt rushed because I knew the restaurant was closing soon and also it was noisy with the group of customers talking very loudly (and, you could argue, obnoxiously too). Since it was a very small and cozy restaurant, you could pretty much hear whatever those guys were saying all through the meal! The service, though, was friendly and nice.


Crazy Buster Rolls with spicy mayo


Chicken Karaage with dipping sauce

When: Friday, October 17, 2014
What: Crazy Buster Rolls; Chicken Karaage
Where: Blowfish Sushi & Japanese Restaurant, #107 – 2828 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 2A1
How Much: C$9.95; C$4.25



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