Shaken Iced Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade (Starbucks)


Even though the Starbucks on Gilmore and Dawson in Burnaby is tiny, the one good thing about that location is that it closes at 10:00 daily – even on Sundays. I believe the one closest to where I live (Broadway Tech) closes at 7:00 on Sunday evenings, so if I want to have a place to sit and write up a storm on my computer, I could go to the Gilmore/Dawson location.

On this particular visit last Sunday evening, I ordered their Shaken Iced Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade, which the cashier said was a delicious flavour and something she personally drinks too. Well, I found it to be too sweet for me! Luckily I got just a Grande size (medium) and not my usual Venti (large). The Passion Tea Lemonade, which I normally got, is already sweet enough. This one, with the added raspberry flavour, was way too strong. Really too sweet.

Nonetheless, it was a good place to hang out and write on an early Sunday evening. I found this visit to be very productive indeed. I sat at the counter on the side of the store and was able to write and also hear the staff talking to each other. These three ladies that worked here on this evening really do have fun at their job and enjoy interacting with each other as well as their customers. 😉



If I had to offer a final thought, I would say reiterate that the Shaken Iced Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade was too sweet. I had to take really small sips each time. Best to try something different next time!

Oh, if you’re wondering about the price of the shaken iced passion tea lemonade – as perhaps you’ve stumbled onto this post after typing that into your Google search engine 😉 – I got a grande (medium) on this trip and it cost C$3.62 after tax.


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