Hiro Sushi Japanese Restaurant (Burnaby)


After finishing some weekly errands at SFU Burnaby one Sunday afternoon in October, I had a late lunch at Hiro Sushi Japanese Restaurant near Kootenay Loop.

There was actually a pub across the street but their special was fish and chips, so I decided to pass up on that and went with Hiro Sushi instead. I have to say, though, everything seemed slow here at Hiro Sushi, which is a fairly huge Chinese-operated restaurant. (The staff here spoke Mandarin with each other.) It took the waitress several minutes to even bring a menu and a cup of tea. Not okay, in my opinion, since it was pretty empty on this afternoon. (There was only one other table being occupied at that time, and a couple of their staff were also having their own meals too.)

The one good thing here was that they had the NFL game on (with a soft rock radio station playing in the background), and it was the Bears-Falcons contest in Atlanta. Ahhhh…I’ve always said that the Falcons were a soft team as they seemed to do well only at home inside that dome, but I was delighted to see when I first sat down that the Bears had just gotten the go-ahead touchdown to take a 19-13 lead. (They would add another touchdown minutes later and win the game 27-13.)




I decided to go with the Black Dragon RollsChicken Karaage, and Beef Ribs. Can’t go wrong with chicken karaage and beef ribs, I thought.



Beef Ribs

The beef ribs were hard to chew, unfortunately, and I found that there was nothing special with them.


Chicken Karaage


As for the Chicken Karaage….well, they were served in a basket, which made me wonder about that… not so sure about this. I’d rather see chicken wings served on a plate, not a basket like this one. Hmm. Also, the waitress had neglected to bring me a small plate… so that meant I had bones from the beef ribs and the chicken, and nowhere to put them. Hmm. Again, not sure about this. Although, the waitress finally realized the dilemma and brought a small plate after bringing the Black Dragon Rolls.

With the chicken karaage, they tasted different from the ones I’m accustomed to at other Japanese restaurants. The best way to describe these ones here is that they tasted like home-made chicken wings…and that’s not exactly a compliment. And I couldn’t get over the fact they came in this basket. I found it weird.


Black Dragon Rolls

The only winner on this day were the black dragon rolls (plus the football game as well). They contained spicy salmon, cucumber, and deep fried prawns with unagi, as well as avocado on top with tobiko. They were good.

All in all, a mediocre experience because of the slow service and two out of the three dishes I ordered were ordinary. Oh well, I guess you can’t win ’em all!


When: Sunday, October 12, 2014
What: Black Dragon Rolls, Chicken Karaage, Beef Ribs
Where: Hiro Sushi Japanese Restaurant, 3701 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC, V5C 2H6 (Hastings Street and Boundary Road)
How Much: C$8.25; C$3.95; C$5.25
Final Thoughts: Just to use a football term, this would be best described as an interception.



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