Poutine à la burger (Burger King)


Was walking by various food places in the Metrotown food court on Thursday afternoon, and I saw this new Poutine à la burger item on the menu board at Burger King. Hmm… poutine with burger? Okay, let’s try it!

When I told the cashier I wanted the Poutine à la burger, she goes, “What?” So, I pointed to the menu board and she looked like she was seeing it for the first time. (There were other small signs on display behind her too, haha. 😉 ) She didn’t know how to punch the item into the register, so she had to run to the back to get her manager to help her. I guess this item was that new! 😛

Anyway, it was C$4.99 plus tax, and I didn’t regret getting it. The Poutine à la burger is a mix of pickles, mustard, ketchup, and cheese curds on the fries, along with chopped beef. Definitely a poutine-burger combo. It tasted delicious! It certainly had a burger taste to it. This poutine was way better than the McDonald’s nonsense from the summer, and cheaper than Triple O’s poutine burger too. 🙂


When: Thursday, November 6, 2014
What: Poutine à la burger
Where: Burger King
How Much: C$4.99 (which came to C$5.25 including tax)
Final Thoughts: Delicious!


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