Sushi Royal House Japanese Restaurant (Vancouver)

Was going to go for pizza one Friday night in October and headed for Pizza Hut. The Orioles-Royals game was on – it was Game One of the AL Championship Series – and they were tied 5-5 in the eighth inning, so I figured perhaps I could catch the winning rallies while eating.

But with Pizza Hut, sometimes it’s hit-and-miss as far as whether or not they would have the game on. When I got outside, I looked in and saw that the game was indeed on…. but I also saw the “annoying” server too helping some diners. Uhm, I thought, no thanks. I turned around and decided not to visit Pizza Hut on this night. The “annoying” server was pushy on a couple of past visits so I definitely didn’t want to have to deal with that on this night. Anyway, no big deal about the game; it was the first game of what could be a long series, not the seventh contest, so I was okay not seeing those final innings.

I then decided to check out Sushi Royal House across the street. Never been there before, so might as well check them out.




After spending a few minutes going through the menu, I finally picked the Teppan BBQ Kalbi Plate, which was beef ribs that came with Miso Soup and rice. There was no ballgame here, but some music video on their flatscreen. I can’t remember now if it was Korean pop songs but I know that this particular restaurant was Korean operated, as the staff communicated with each other in Korean. Anyway, at the table behind me there was a girl talking to her guy friend about how some other guy mistreated her girlfriend. Well, I wasn’t eavesdropping but she was talking that loudly. Yuck. I hate gossip.




The beef ribs were definitely delicious and juicy, and I enjoyed them. One thing that I thought was odd was the fact the rice was brought to me way before the ribs, but actually it was not an issue, because the ribs were steaming hot. The meat was a bit tough to chew but it was really, really delicious! The service was also pretty good. They even said goodbye cheerfully. Ahhhh….good thing I came here and not Pizza Hut!


When: Friday, October 10, 2014
What: Teppan BBQ Kalbi Plate
Where: Sushi Royal House, 2893 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver, BC  V5M 2E1
How Much: C$14.95
Final Thoughts: It was the right decision to forego pizza and the ballgame.


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