Langley Events Centre

Attended a Valley West Hawks-Fraser Valley Thunderbirds BC Major Midget League game at the Langley Events Centre (LEC) on Sunday afternoon, and of course I had to check out the food options at their concessions stands. Might as well, since I was planning to stay for the entire game.


It was an unusual late 4:30 p.m. start (normally Sunday games for other teams are in the mornings), and the concessions were open even a half hour prior to puck drop. They offered the usual arena food items, such as hot dogs, pizza slices, popcorn, burgers, and fries. I went with the Deluxe Burger, which costs C$8.00. Add C$3.00 and you could get a combo with a pop and fries. (If I remember correctly, fries on their own was already C$3.00!)



I thought the fries were good – much better than those served at places such as Vera’s. It’s very subjective when it comes to fries – everybody’s got his or her own preference – but I liked these ones. As for the burger, the juice from the beef patty was dripping all over, so it was quite a mess as they didn’t give out trays at the LEC. My burger didn’t feel warm at all, and well, you can imagine what that would taste like. Obviously, it wasn’t as if I had to commute anywhere after getting the burger before I ate it. I sat in the upper section closest to the concessions stands! So I literally started eating it within two minutes of receiving that burger. Yikes.

After I’d finished my food, Bill Grieve, the Thunderbirds head coach, sought me out as I’d texted him earlier in the day for an interview request. We went downstairs to do the interview. Nice guy.

As for the LEC itself, the people running the in-game video/entertainment operations sure do a fantastic job. Even though it was a major midget hockey game – admission is free for every game – they did an outstanding job with showing the home team players (Valley West) on the video board and scoreboard information (such as shots and penalties). They also had this loud horn every time the home team scored. It was big-league production. Not all of the BC Major Midget League venues do any of these – or, in some cases, are able to because of the facilities they play in.

The LEC, of course, also has free WiFi, which allowed me to check out the NFL scores every few minutes. Yay! The Patriots routed the overhyped, overrated Broncos 43-21 in one of the three afternoon games – in the 16th installment of the Tom Brady-Peyton Manning rivalry. Yeah! (Haha, I remember the last time I was at the LEC was back in February, when Manning lost 43-8 to Seattle in the Super Bowl. Hahaha.)


When: Sunday, November 2, 2014
What: Deluxe Burger combo
Where: Langley Events Centre, 7888 200 Street, Langley, BC, V2Y 3J4
How Much: C$11.00 including tax
Final Thoughts: Typical ballpark/arena food, but I thought my burger at the very least could have been served warm.


Well…after the game, I decided to hang around a bit and speak with a couple of key players on the winning side:


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