Zookaz Kaffe (Fairview)


Was at the Vancouver General Hospital to visit family, and stopped by the Zookaz Kaffe on the ground floor for a snack.


I decided on a Chicken Pasta Toss, which was C$4.75 (C$5.00 with tax). It was not bad, though I should have definitely gotten a beverage too. Zookaz Kaffe also has coffee, pop, and soup on its menu, as well as bagels, sandwiches, and samosas.

I can definitely see this being a busy little coffee/snack bar. Lots of people go in and out of this building every day. It was certainly busy when I was there in the middle of the day on a rainy Thursday afternoon.


When: October 30, 2014
What: Chicken Pasta Toss
How Much: C$4.75
Zookaz Kaffe, 2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver, BC, V6H 0A5 (in the Vancouver General Hospital building)


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