131 Water Kitchen & Bar (Gastown)


Was downtown on a Wednesday afternoon a couple of weeks back wanting to catch some of the Leafs-Canadiens game on the NHL’s opening night, but I had to wait awhile at a fairly empty establishment that I’m not going to name and still couldn’t get seated. So, I walked out and wandered around to Gastown, where I saw the menu posted outside 131 Water Kitchen & Bar and noticed that their appetizers were half-price until 6:00 p.m. Okay, so 131 Water Kitchen & Bar it was!

It was the second period of the hockey game, and I wanted to catch at least that and a bit of the third. I ordered the Moroccan Wings and Panko Prawns with a Coke.



There was a patio area out front, and also a courtyard patio as well. They even have a mezzanine where larger groups could have private parties. The main floor area was tiny, but there were still enough seats at the bar. I guess it’s either not that popular a place for people who want to watch sports, or perhaps it’s because the Canucks weren’t on yet.

The service, meanwhile, was great, and the lady brought out my food pretty quickly.



The Panko Prawns came with fries and spicy sriracha aioli. They were delicious. As for the Moroccan Wings, they were supposed to be sweet and spicy. While I thought they were sweet, I didn’t think they were spicy at all. There was a lot of sweet sauce with the wings, but I didn’t think they were very special.

The game was all right, with a couple of goals being scored when I was there and plenty of action and saves. Some folks came in for a quick beer and then left, which obviously meant they weren’t there for the hockey game. I guess I was the only one. Well…except I looked outside and noticed a guy sitting with a woman in the front patio. He kept looking in, I guess at the flatscreen, while the woman was talking to him. As for myself, overall, I enjoyed the food (especially the prawns but not so much the wings) and service.


Panko Prawns


Moroccan Wings


When: Wednesday, October 8, 2014
What: Panko Prawns; Moroccan Wings (during Happy Hour, which is 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. daily)
Where: 131 Water Kitchen & Bar, 127-131 Water Street, Vancouver, BC (Gastown)
How Much: Half price for appetizers during Happy Hour; normally, they were C$9.00 for the prawns and C$11.00 for the wings. C$2.89 for the pop.
Final Thoughts: I only came here because the first place I went to was slow and inconsiderate. I liked 131 Water Kitchen & Bar; fast and friendly service as well as decent food.


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