Ki Sushi Restaurant (New Westminster)

Was in New Westminster on Wednesday, and decided to stop by Ki Sushi Restaurant in the late afternoon for an early dinner.


Ki Sushi is a Chinese-operated sushi restaurant, and I thought the service was fairly mediocre. When I first sat down, I was asked if I wanted anything to drink. That’s not good service right there, because in other sushi places they bring you tea automatically without asking you (or you asking).

I went with their Beef Yaki Soba, which is a Japanese dish that originated in China and is technically a derivative of Chinese chow mein.


I didn’t like this dish; it was really greasy. Yuck. Not a fan at all. The only positive comment I have is that there was enough meat and it was tender. Other than that, the one word I would use is “yuck.”

One other thing: this was Wednesday, October 22, when the big story the whole day was the Parliament Hill shootings. It was 4:30 p.m. now in the restaurant, and their flatscreen was showing Sportsnet’s coverage of the World Series pre-game. It was like at Ki Sushi they were oblivious to the fact that something tragic had just happened in our country on this day and nobody thought to turn the station to a news channel where you could at least see the news ticker or some coverage. I thought that it just wrong – I don’t want to say inappropriate but perhaps it’s just “wrong” – that they were on a sports channel. And I’m saying this as a huge sports fan.

And check out the picture I posted above with the address of this restaurant. They couldn’t even get their own web address right! – according to the photo…. Check it out for yourself – they’ve listed a website of a restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland!! They can’t even get the name of their own restaurant right!!!!

When: Wednesday, October 22, 2014
What: Beef Yaki Soba; can of soda
Where: Ki Sushi Restaurant, 45 – 8th Street, New Westminster, BC
How Much: C$8.95; C$1.75
Final Thoughts: Not a fan; the food was too greasy and the service was mediocre. Will not be back.


EDIT: If you did a Google search of Ki Sushi, you would see the following… Yikes.


Shame on me for not researching them first, lol. I would’ve just gone elsewhere and not had to endure the poor service and food.

On a similar note, here’s that incorrect web address that I spoke of earlier, the one that led you to a site in Geneva:



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