Wally’s Burgers (New Westminster)

Was going to meet up with C.K. in New Westminster on a lovely Tuesday afternoon, but in typical fashion C.K. cancelled last minute. No problem; it was off to Wally’s Burgers at River Market at the New Westminster Quay.

Of course, the original Wally’s Burgers was located on Kingsway, but it no longer exists. Here at the New West location, you can certainly learn more about the history of the franchise as they have a little “cheat sheet” at each table.



On the Tuesday that I was here, the guy that took my order was very friendly. I went with a Crispy Halibut Burger combo. If you ordered the burger by itself, it was C$7.00. The combo, which included fries and a canned pop, cost an extra C$3.75.

Since it was nice out, I decided to eat at one of the tables outside. It was a relaxing afternoon, with some elderly ladies chatting with each other at one table and a young woman feeding birds at another.

As for the burger, it was good. It was basically a lightly coated halibut burger topped with melted cheese, served on a toasted bun with onions, lettuce, and tartar sauce. Very crunchy.



I also made a mess of myself because I got some of the tartar sauce all over my fingers. Well, better to have more tartar sauce than not enough, that’s for sure!

As for the fries, I wasn’t a big fan. I probably could have done what the woman was doing, feeding birds with my fries. These fries weren’t tasty, in my opinion. They were similar to the ones I’d had before at places such as Vera’s Burger. Not the best.


As I was eating, I was checking my phone for updates on the Dodgers-Cardinals playoff game. Since I was outside, I wasn’t able to pick up the WiFi, but after sorting it out on my phone, I was delighted to see the beautiful numbers: Cardinals 3, Dodgers 2, in the seventh inning as Matt Adams had just delivered a go-ahead three-run homer off Clayton Kershaw. Beautiful! The Dodgers went on to lose the game by that same score.

Anyway, it was nice sitting there to enjoy the fresh air and the food. The only negative thing was the door behind me, which made this annoying squeaking sound every time someone opened it. Well, can’t have it all, I guess. I’d still call it a pleasant afternoon with a pretty good halibut burger.


When: Tuesday, October 7, 2014
What: Crispy Halibut Burger combo
Where: Wally’s Burgers, 810 Quayside Drive #112, New Westminster, BC  V3M 6B9
How Much: C$10.75 (C$7.00 if you go with just the burger)
Final Thoughts: An enjoyable burger on a pleasant day in New West. Could have gone without the fries, though.


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