Pepperoni and Bacon Pizzaburger (Boston Pizza)

This post combines a couple of visits back in May and June at the Boston Pizza in the Grandview Highway plaza in East Vancouver. I was there to have a burger and watch hockey on their flatscreens during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

I had their Pepperoni and Bacon Pizzaburger at least twice during those visits, and I guess I enjoyed it so much that I kept ordering the same burger a few times. Hey, who doesn’t like pizza and burger together? 😉 All Boston Pizza burgers are served with either fries, Caesar salad, or garden greens. I had fries on one of the visits, and Caesar Salad another time. (Oh, what the heck, I’ve been to Boston Pizza so many times that I’m sure I’ve had the garden greens too, so I guess that makes it a hat trick, lol. 😉 )




Can’t say enough about this Pepperoni Pizzaburger. It’s basically 100% Canadian beef wrapped in a pepperoni pizza and stuffed with bacon, pizza mozzarella, and their pizza sauce. It also comes with lettuce, tomato, and pickle on top. I mean, if I didn’t care about my budget or health, I would eat it every single day, haha. That’s what I think of this burger.

I don’t think I’ve been to Boston Pizza since August 1st – and this includes all of their locations. You can call it a long, long summer break from it, lol. Even though hockey season has started again, I’m not a Canucks fan so I’m not planning on hanging out at Boston Pizza in the near future. Not this location, and probably not the one near Brentwood Mall or the one near Broadway and Granville either (both of which I’ve been to several times in recent years too). Just want to try other places, I guess.

I mentioned this before in another post back in August about the lack of service I got one night. It was Game Two of the Stanley Cup finals between the Kings and the Rangers, and I remember it being a Saturday evening. It was busy that evening and the server didn’t speak to me once after my food was brought to me! Sure, she came over and gave me pop refills, but she never said a word to me or asked me how the food was! The only time she asked me how everything was came when she brought over the bill. I decided, though, to order another salad because the game had gone into a second overtime. That’s when I chitchatted with her and mentioned it wasn’t this busy on Fridays (because I’d been there the previous night too). I mean, very efficient service with the pop refills, but just a bit weird that she didn’t really “check in” with me. Oh well.

One good thing about this Grandview Boston Pizza location is that there’s a Starbucks with a patio right next door – terrific for those who’d like a coffee or an iced beverage after their meal. It’s especially nice to just hang out and chat on the patio, with a warm beverage, during these cool autumn evenings. However, this Starbucks location closes at 9:00 p.m. daily (8:00 p.m. on Sundays), unlike some of the ones downtown that stay open until 10:00 or 10:30.

When: A few times during the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs in May and June
What: Pepperoni and Bacon Pizzaburger
Where: Grandview Boston Pizza, 2850 Bentall Street, Vancouver, BC (one block east of Rupert SkyTrain Station)
How Much:
C$14.99 (Pop is C$2.99 with free refills)
Final Thoughts:
I like their burgers and would come back – perhaps during the hockey playoffs again. Maybe. For those of you who enjoy coffee after your meal, there’s a good hangout place at Starbucks next door.



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