Bene Sushi (West Vancouver)


Stopped by Bene Sushi on Marine Drive in West Vancouver for some late lunch/early dinner on Sunday afternoon.

Ahhh…and they also had the Tigers-Orioles game on. Baltimore went on to finish off Detroit to cap the three-game sweep, haha. 😉



I’d never been to Bene before, so I took some extra time to go through the menu before figuring out what I wanted. I went with their Chicken Karaage as well as their Crab World fusion dish. The service was impressive; they were fast and friendly. Since I was given a glass of water, I decided not to order any other beverage.


The chicken karaage was delicious. It was served with a sauce but I preferred it without dipping into anything. After all, you lose some of the taste of these nice deep fried chicken wings – in my opinion – if you dip them in a sauce. 🙂


As for the crab world, I liked it too. It was a dish of Dungeness crab mixed with masago and mayo on rice. The sauce gave it that extra sweet flavour. I was happy with both of my choices. 🙂 As mentioned earlier, the service was friendly. The staff spoke with each other in Korean, so I guess this is another sushi restaurant owned and operated by Koreans. Whatever, I thought the food was good and also the service was great. I was given a refill of my water toward the end of the meal too.



When: Sunday, October 5, 2014
What: Chicken Karaage; Crab World
Where: Bene Sushi Restaurant, 1574 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC  V7V 1H8
How Much: C$6.95; C$12.95
Final Thoughts: I loved both the food and the service. Will be back!



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