Prime Rib Melt Sandwich (Subway)

Walked by Subway on Grandview Highway on Friday evening, saw the following sign on their window, and decided to go in and check it out.


I’d also seen the commercial promoting this Prime Rib Melt Sandwich on television the day before, and so, it seemed like a good idea to try it.

I used to go to Subway perhaps a couple of times a month when I worked downtown years ago (where I would always have one of their Italian sausage subs), and hadn’t really eaten at one of their locations for a long time now. So, it felt quite foreign being at a Subway once again. 😉

Anyway, I went with their six-inch toasted bread with the prime rib melt, and in it were tender pieces of thick-cut 100% Canadian beef with sliced cheddar cheese. At Subway, you also decide what veggies and condiments they put in as they prepare your sandwich in front of you, and I went with the standard lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and I believe sweet and sour sauce (I can’t remember exactly).

The presentation isn’t the greatest (compare what I got with how the sandwich is portrayed on the poster above), but whatever, it was time to eat! 🙂 The taste wasn’t bad at all! Maybe it was my hunger talking, but I thought it tasted good. I remember the sauce dripping out as I was eating, and anyway, it was all right. Pretty good for a meal under 10 bucks (and yes, I’m a light eater so this sandwich was enough for me). I thought that the amount of prime rib in the sandwich was enough, and it was definitely tender and juicy as advertised.



At this location, it wasn’t busy at all when I was there. With a sushi restaurant, a Freshslice Pizza, and a Chinese restaurant right across the street, as well as a Pizza Hut a block away, it wasn’t too surprising.


When: Friday, October 3, 2014
What: Prime Rib Melt Sandwich
Where: Subway, 2892 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver, BC  V5M 2C9
How Much: C$6.00 (six-inch sub)
Final Thoughts: It was an okay meal for me for under 10 bucks. Didn’t spend too much, and I was full. (Yup, I’m a light eater.)


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