Mediterranean Signature McWrap (McDonald’s)

I hadn’t been to McDonald’s for two months, and wasn’t planning on returning, but V. had been bugging me to go to Mickey Dee’s so that I can collect those Monopoly stamps/stickers. Yup, the 2014 version of the “Monopoly Game at McDonald’s” is back.

Anyway, on Thursday night I was at the McDonald’s on Grandview Highway and Renfrew, where the wifi is really bad. (The few times I’d been at this particular location, the wifi didn’t work. It was no different during this visit.) Well, to get these Monopoly stamps/stickers, you needed to get one of their Big Mac or Quarter Pounder burgers, a McWrap, large fries, medium or large pop, McNuggets, or a McMuffin, hash brown, or McCafe beverage. The entire list is on their website, but I won’t provide the link here. (I must say, the fries thing is a rip-off in Canada… According to the U.S. game, customers receive four stickers for a large fries. In Canada, though, you have to get a large fries just to receive stickers, and you’re given only two.)

Since I didn’t like any of the “qualifying” burgers, I chose the Mediterranean Signature McWrap (alternatively known as the Mediterranean Veggie McWrap), and also ordered (the rip-off) Large Fries and a Medium Soft Drink. The cashier was a little rude and snotty, but whatever. He’s probably just a high school student who hates his job, so no big deal.


As for the food, each Mediterranean Signature McWrap has tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, lettuce, feta cheese, and Mediterranean sauce. I thought it tasted all right. Certainly better than the Shrimp McWrap that I’d tried back in August, the last time I had anything from McDonald’s.



The fries were cold, and the pop wasn’t. I normally don’t have ice in my pop – it’s self-serve at McDonald’s when it comes to soft drinks – but I know they were always cold and refreshing during past visits. This time it wasn’t even cold. That’s no good. If we’re keeping score, we have:

1) wifi that didn’t work (and normally doesn’t),
2) a snotty cashier,
3) cold fries,
4) yucky pop….

and I won’t count the rip-off fries/sticker thing since it’s a nation-wide rule, not just this particular location. But four strikes – that’s way too many. And this was the same location that in the past had served me mediocre Spicy Buffalo Chicken Poutine that didn’t look presentable. I guess some things just never change.



I don’t want to eat any McDonald’s food, but might get an item here and there…because V. desperately wants those Monopoly stickers. Oh well.

When: Thursday, October 2, 2014
What: Mediterranean Signature McWrap combo with large fries (rip-off)
Where: McDonald’s, 2909 Grandview Highway, Vancouver, BC  V5M 2E4 (Grandview Hwy and Renfrew)
How Much: C$7.59
Final Thoughts: This location gets four strikes against them… not much else to say about it.


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