Fanta Blue Raspberry Slush (Chevron Town Pantry)


October is here, and the cooler weather has arrived in Vancouver. The final few days of September felt like a heat wave, though, with high temperatures over the weekend on the 27th and 28th.

It was so hot on Sunday evening that I got a Fanta Blue Raspberry Slush at Chevron Town Pantry on Grandview Highway. The other three flavours available were Coke, Cream Soda, and Fanta Banana.

I’ve had both the orange and grape flavours of Fanta pop before, but didn’t know these other flavours were available in slush form in Canada. I initially considered getting the banana flavour but then thought Fanta + banana + slush sounded weird, so I went with the “safer” choice of blue raspberry. I got a small, which was C$1.45 including tax. A refreshing way to end a surprisingly warm weekend!  … and likely the last time I’ll have one of these the remainder of the year with the weather changing. 🙂


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