Handi Cuisine of India (West Vancouver)

Was in West Vancouver on Saturday afternoon to run an errand, and stopped by Handi Cuisine of India at around 6:30 p.m. for some dinner.


Though it was dinner time, the restaurant was kind of empty when I walked in, with only one other table being occupied. I was seated in a booth and given a menu, and without really looking through all of the choices, I almost immediately decided on the Lamb Kadhai. After all, I hadn’t eaten since around noon at the Richmond Oval. The server asked if I wanted Rice Pulao with the lamb kadhai, and I said, “Okay.” As for the flavour of the lamb, I went with mild.


Lamb Kadhai

The lamb kadhai was a stir fried boneless lamb dish served with onions, garlic, ginger, bell pepper, and special Indian sauce. I liked it. It was good. Though the picture shows this fancy huge bowl with the lamb, it actually wasn’t a lot. It was just a flat tray placed on top of this double layer bowl, that’s all. As for the rice, it was just “okay.” I didn’t think it was special or anything like that. I was also brought a little basket of naan, which was white leavened flatbread. I didn’t try it because the rice was actually very filling.


Rice Pulao – Basmati rice cooked with onions


Naan – leavened, oven-baked flatbread


I initially thought the service was great, because I was brought iced water when I was first seated and given refills as well. (It was a warm evening so I was very thirsty.) However, when I got the bill, I was a bit surprised because I was charged for the naan. I really thought that the naan came with the lamb kadhai (ie. as a complimentary side dish). That left a sour taste in my mouth…nonetheless, I gave the standard 15% tip. Don’t think I would return. The rice was ordinary and besides, I’m not in this area that often.



When: Saturday, September 27, 2014
What: Lamb Kadhai; Rice Pulao; Naan (which wasn’t complimentary); pop
Where: Handi Cuisine of India, 1579 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver, BC
How Much: C$13.95; C$4.00; C$2.00; C$2.60
Final Thoughts: A fairly ordinary meal…but as it turned out, pretty pricey. The fact that I was charged for the naan was just baffling for me. I saw some signs around the restaurant displaying some readers’ choice/consumers’ choice awards that Handi had received in the past (way back in 2007!?!) but overall, for me the lamb was good but I wouldn’t say it “wowed” me.


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