Renaissance Coffee (SFU Burnaby)


Was at SFU Burnaby for a weekly errand on Tuesday afternoon, and I stopped by Renaissance Coffee in the AQ to grab a fruit smoothie. They offered several flavours and I went with their Banana Berry Real Fruit Smoothie, and also paid an extra dollar for protein. I saw at the front counter they were advertising an Indian chicken rice special for $5.95 (if I remember correctly) and thought about it for a moment, but I finally decided, nah, I didn’t want rice this time (because I wanted a burger from Triple O’s).


The smoothie was okay, fairly similar to the ones I’ve had at Waves before – but a little cheaper. It was not bad.

There were some small tables in that area but the place is usually busy, so it’s more like a grab-and-go type of thing where students get something and then head off to classes.


When: Tuesday, September 23, 2014
What: Banana Berry Real Fruit Smoothie (with protein)
Where: Renaissance Coffee, SFU Burnaby (North-East AQ Location)
How Much: C$3.99 (plus C$1 for the protein)
Final Thoughts: Not bad at all. The other flavours available are Strawberry Berry, Mango Berry, and Strawberry Mango.


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