Wings Tap & Grill (Coquitlam)

Sunday is cheap wings special at Wings Tap & Grill, so I went to their Coquitlam location in the afternoon for those wings and some football action.


In addition to their wings specials on Sundays, Wings also has a daily appy deal for six bucks.


Anyway, Wings is famous for their wings, and there are a total of 23 different flavours to choose from, at 47 cents each. I didn’t want anything too spicy, so I went with an order of East Van Zingers and Jammin’ Jamaican to start.


It wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be at this spacious Wings location. Sure, there were a few football fans (or should I say Seahawks fans) watching the Seattle-Denver game at the bar and there were some other non-football families in these booths, but for the most part it was fairly quiet on this sunny Sunday afternoon.


The wings on the left were the East Van Zingers, while the ones on the right were the Jammin’ Jamaican. I have to say, the East Van Zingers were a bit disappointing, as they tasted kind of bitter. I guess it’s because of the mustard. Definitely not a flavour I would try again. The Jammin’ Jamaican, meanwhile, were a little better so it wasn’t a complete write-off. The Jammin’ Jamaican were spicy (the menu rated it with two chili peppers) and they leave this lingering taste in your mouth. It wasn’t bad.


Oh, one important thing: the servers didn’t bring me any napkins and wet wipes (or plate for the bones) until after I had had three wings, so I would say it wasn’t superior service at all since it wasn’t that busy at the time. However, after that false start, the servers were very attentive from that point onward, so they did kind of rebound from that poor beginning.


Because I was hoping to see the Seahawks end Denver quarterback Peyton Manning’s consecutive touchdown streak of 41 games (they shut him out through three quarters), I ordered a third flavour of wings. This time, it was the Italian Roasted Red Pepper.


Finally, I picked a winner. The skin on the Italian Roasted Red Pepper wings was very crunchy and tasted really good. I liked it. I should have gone with this one to start with. As for the football game, alas, Seattle didn’t shut Manning out, but the afternoon ended on a positive note thanks to these wings.

When: Sunday, September 21, 2014
What: Chicken wings
Where: Wings Tap & Grill, 345 North Road, Coquitlam, BC  V3K 3V8
How Much: C$0.47 per wing during their wing specials Sundays (PS: Remember the day before when I mentioned a bottle of pop costs C$2.95 at the Richmond Oval? Here at Wings, you can get pop and refills for C$2.85.)
Final Thoughts: Since Wings has 23 different flavours, it’s worthwhile to check out some of the other ones during football Sundays. But definitely no more East Van Zingers. As for the service, they were great for the most part.



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