O Cafe (Richmond Olympic Oval)

Was at the Richmond Olympic Oval on Saturday afternoon to cover opening day of the British Columbia Major Midget League as the Greater Vancouver (Richmond) Canadians were taking on the South Island (Victoria) Royals. Didn’t want to do just hockey, so I decided to check out the O Cafe on the first floor of the Oval and do a review for this blog.


Located on the south side of the Richmond Oval on Level 1 (inside at the main entry from the parkade), the O Cafe is essentially a sit-down cafeteria that offers items such as pizza, panini sandwiches, cookies, 49th Parallel coffee (I know because I overheard one of the cashiers telling a customer 🙂 ), and fruit smoothies. They also do catering as well for corporate events and special parties.

I stood in the cafe staring at the menu for a long time, not knowing what to get. After what seemed like an eternity, I decided to get their Entrée of the Day, which on this day was Beef with Potatoes for C$8.95. I was asked if I wanted the small or the large, and since the menu didn’t list these two options, I was thrown off guard and just hastily picked large.

Anyway, there was seating inside but I opted to sit outside the cafe and eat there. Reminded me of the days in high school/university…


As you can see, the Entrée of the Day was essentially fast food, something to eat on the go. Kind of like a pre-game meal, if you will… It came with two pieces of meat and a bunch of baked potato slices.



One suggestion is to bring your own water or beverage from home… because the beverages at the O Cafe are a rip-off! It’s $2.95 for a 591 ml bottle of pop and nearly seven bucks for a fruit smoothie. Of course, there are several water fountains available in the Richmond Oval too, so if you get thirsty and didn’t bring anything to drink, that’s a better bet than purchasing a pop or water from the O Cafe.

After that, it was time to check out the hockey game on the second level! But before that, I spoke with Canadians coach Phil Alalouf for a few minutes when I saw him by chance as he was talking to the staff at the registration/reception counter area. Friendly guy.


When: Saturday, September 20, 2014
What: Entrée of the Day (beef with potatoes)
Where: O Cafe, Richmond Olympic Oval, 6111 River Road, Richmond, BC V7C 0A2
How Much: C$8.95 (tax included)
Final Thoughts: Would I go back to this venue? Sure, there’s a gym and there’s major midget hockey to watch. But would I buy anything from the O Cafe? Well, I was at the Richmond Oval several times last season (2013-14 hockey season) but never once got anything from the cafe. I figured I would check it out this time so that I could write something for this blog. I think it’s one-and-done. Definitely not getting water or pop or smoothies from there, for sure. Too expensive.


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