HOPS! A Northwest Pub (New Westminster)

For Thursday Night Football, I went to HOPS! Pub in New Westminster, which is located directly below the New West SkyTrain station. The game itself was a write-off (the Falcons went on to beat the Buccaneers 56-14), but I was excited to try the Poutine Eh Burger. According to their menu, they use authentic Quebecois curds in the burger – yummy!


It was quite a busy pub on Thursday, with a few people interested in the football game while others just having a meal and talking. I would call it a cozy little pub where you could watch sports with your buddies – okay, not exactly “little” because this place seats up to 60 people. According to their Facebook page, they also have nine big-screen TVs, so I can totally see this place getting packed during the hockey season.


And here’s the Poutine Eh Burger, with a side of salad and Italian dressing.


I thought the salad was pretty good. Since the burger already contained fries, I figured if I had a side of fries with it, that would be too much. I didn’t regret my decision to go with the salad (unlike the last time I ordered salad at another establishment).


As for the burger, it was actually smaller than I expected; however, I liked the taste. It was yummy!



The game was bad, but the food and the service were good. So, overall, a pleasant experience at HOPS! Pub.

When: Thursday, September 18, 2014
What: Poutine Eh Burger with salad
Where: HOPS! Pub, 48 8th Street, New Westminster, V3M 3N8
How Much: C$11.99 (and C$2.95)
Final Thoughts: Conveniently located below New Westminster SkyTrain station, HOPS! Pub seems like a good place to hang out for hockey games during the NHL season. I was happy with the service I got, and the food was good.



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