Mahony & Sons (UBC; revisit)

Was at Mahony & Sons out at UBC again to watch some football on Sunday afternoon…but this was probably the last time.


I ordered their Irish Sausage Bangers & Mash, which was their “traditional” dish of Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, Tuscan-roasted vegetables and gravy. Plus, of course, a beverage…though I should have just gone with water.



As to be expected, the Irish sausages were dry, so no surprises there. I liked the taste, but I wouldn’t eat this dish regularly because obviously it would make me sick! The potatoes and veggies were great, so no problem there. The gravy served as a nice sauce for everything.



The problem came with the bill, although I was glued to the flatscreens and didn’t pay attention other than think that it was a very pricy meal. Upon closer inspection after I left, I realized the reason. I was charged for two glasses of Coke when I thought that refills were free!


The week before, at this exact same location, albeit with a different server, refills were free! So, I’m not sure who goofed up…the server from the previous Sunday for giving me a free refill, or this server who charged me for the second Coke. You would think refills are free, but again, it was my own fault for not catching the “mistake” and also for ordering marked-up soft drinks instead of going with water. Because of this incident – as well as the expensive menu to begin with – I don’t think I’ll be back. Could very well be an honest mistake, but whatever. There are other places to check out.

When: Sunday, September 14, 2014
What: Irish Sausage Bangers & Mash
Where: Mahony & Sons, 5990 University Boulevard (UBC), Vancouver, BC (located on the same block as Shoppers Drug Mart)
How Much: C$16.95; C$3.25 for EACH glass of pop
Final Thoughts: No thanks, not coming back.


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