Browns Socialhouse (Burnaby)

Was at Browns Socialhouse near Brentwood Mall in Burnaby for a late lunch/early dinner. I noticed that at this particular location, especially at the bar area, it seemed everybody was a regular. One of the cooks came out and was socializing with one of the patrons at the bar, the bartenders were on first-name basis with a few others… everyone was very friendly and chummy!

Well, as for the food, from 3:00 to 6:00, the Wings and Dry Ribs were seven bucks apiece, and I went with both. I also ordered a Caesar Salad as well, along with a drink.

I must say, the wings weren’t anything special (in terms of taste), but since they were on special (in terms of price), you can’t expect much. They were their “Classic Hot Wings” but they were kind of ordinary. They weren’t bad or anything, but they weren’t that good either. Nothing special, so to speak.


As for the dry ribs, they were tasty but would have been better had they been boneless. I would say the dry ribs I had at Brooklyn Bar & Grill in New Westminster were better than these ones.


The salad was okay…but there were some bites that were just bitter. Not sure what was up with that, but it was just this bitter taste here and there. That wasn’t very good.


As for the ambience, this was perfect for a sports fan with their numerous flatscreens all over the restaurant. I had no interest in the college football game directly in front of me, but was still able to catch the second half of the Calgary Stampeders’ 40-33 comeback victory over the Toronto Argonauts (a game which they had trailed 29-3). The atmosphere was great. Like I mentioned, everyone seemed to know each other so it was a very nice, friendly environment.




When: Saturday, September 13, 2014
Hot Wings, Dry Ribs, Small Caesar Salad, Coke
Browns Socialhouse, 1908 Rosser Ave, Unit 2, Burnaby, BC  V5C 0E1
How Much: C$7.00 (on special); C$7.00 (on special); C$6.45; C$3.00 (refillable)
Final Thoughts: A good place to watch sports; a very friendly and casual environment. However, the food wasn’t that special. If you don’t care for the sports but want to enjoy chatting with your group, there’s a patio area outside which is perfect for sunny afternoons and early evenings – that section was packed on Saturday evening.


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