The Met Bar & Grill (New Westminster)

Headed to The Met Bar & Grill outside of the Columbia SkyTrain Station in New Westminster for Thursday night’s Steelers-Ravens game.

A buddy and I used to come here all the time 10 years ago – we were there regularly during the 2004 Stanley Cup playoffs – and I haven’t really been back since then. The place has changed a bit over the past decade, which is to be expected. One thing that hasn’t changed is that it’s still a very cozy neighbourhood bar-type of establishment, kind of a casual and laid-back pub with many TV screens to watch sports.

Anyway, I was there for Thursday Night Football but actually, The Met has its own event every Thursday night with its “Live Music Thursdays from 7 – 10 PM with No Cover.” On this night it was someone named Pernell Reichert performing, but I was more interested in pigskin. Oh well.

The server/bartender was a very funny dude – he knew how to crack all sorts of jokes, and he was very friendly. After going through the menu that he brought me for a few minutes, I went with the Murder Burger, which contained jalapeños and crispy onions. Instead of the fries that came with the burger, I opted for their salad.




I found the burger to be pretty good, and in fact slightly better than a similar burger that I’ve had at Boston Pizza. This burger here at The Met is actually more expensive than the one at BP (by a dollar), so I guess it’s not a surprise that it was actually that good! I liked the jalapeños because they weren’t THAT spicy but I could still taste the extra kick, and the onions were crispy too. Loved this Murder Burger!


The salad came in a tiny bowl, but as you can see, there was quite a bit! In order to avoid having things fall off onto the table, I had to use a small plate to eat this salad. It also came with a small side of dressing. I loved the salad too! Yay!



I wasn’t a big fan of the live music – since that wasn’t the reason I came – but the food was awesome and so was the service. The Met is a nice little neighourhood pub for those who enjoy live performances and sports, plus it’s conveniently located outside Columbia SkyTrain, so I would say it’s a fantastic place to stop by for a night out with buddies or if you’re in the area.


When: Thursday, September 11, 2014
What: Murder Burger with salad, plus a Coke
Where: The Met Bar & Grill, 411 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC  V3L 1A9
How Much: C$15 for the burger, C$2.38 for the pop
Final Thoughts: Will be back!


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