Triple O’s (SFU Burnaby)

Was at Simon Fraser University up on Burnaby Mountain for my weekly errand on Wednesday afternoon, and I had a craving for the new Cookies & Cream Shake at Triple O’s, so I got a small one. The large is only two dollars extra, but I didn’t want that size because I knew I couldn’t even finish the small!


It was Wednesday around 5:15 p.m. and there was no lineup at all – unlike Tuesdays when they have their C$3.33 special on their burgers and the lineup is huge – so I was able to get the shake almost immediately. Well, just by looking it, I could tell it was a delicious shake. Made with real Oreo cookies and premium rich vanilla ice cream, this Cookies & Cream Shake was thick and creamy…and VERY sweet and chocolaty…in fact, way too sweet! Glad I did go with the small and not the large!


As for the dining area, as you can see at that hour it was practically empty. Just like the way it is during summer. At lunch hour and various times during the day, though, it can be packed. It’s a decent place to sit and enjoy your food. The monitor on the far left usually is tuned in to Sportsnet and at this hour there was a baseball game on. The only downside here is that there’s no electrical outlet anywhere – I know because I had checked before on prior visits – which makes sense for Triple O’s because they don’t want students to be sitting here on their computers to take away spots from people that actually want to sit and eat.

Well, I didn’t actually sit here to enjoy my shake. I just sat down for a moment to take pictures, and then off I went to do my weekly errand! 🙂


When: Wednesday, September 10, 2014
What: Cookies & Cream Shake (small)
Where: White Spot Triple O’s at SFU Burnaby, BC
How Much: C$3.69 (add two dollars for the large size)
Final Thoughts: Tasty and chocolaty… but really sweet. Too sweet for me.



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