The Pit Burger Bar (UBC)

When I’m out at UBC, I sometimes go to the Pit Burger Bar for food, and on Saturday I decided to try The West Coast Poutine.


According to their menu board, The West Coast Poutine consisted of smoked sockeye salmon, bacon, and scallions, mixed with the traditional fries with gravy and cheese curds.


It actually looked pretty good, and the salmon was great. But beyond that, it was a very plain bowl of poutine. Perhaps it was a warm day and maybe I was already thirsty – I don’t know – but I thought that this poutine was so dry that I desperately wanted to drink lots of water afterward. The Pit Burger Bar does have specials each day – the special on Saturday was the Swiss burger combo with fries for $6.95, I believe – but I wanted to try something other than a burger, so that’s why I went with this West Coast Poutine. Not a fan of it, so I probably won’t order it again.

When: Saturday, September 6, 2014
What: The West Coast Poutine
Where: The Pit Burger Bar (UBC Student Union Blvd)
How Much: C$6.50 (tax included)
Final Thoughts: For a better deal, best to go with one of their daily specials.



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