Church’s Chicken (Vancouver)

Had a craving for wings from Church’s Chicken on Friday evening, so I went to their location on Kingsway and Slocan in Vancouver. I used to visit this location perhaps a couple of times a month when I worked in the area a few years back. Then I stopped going to Church’s for a bit because there was really no reason to keep eating there. However, I do recall the staff was always friendly, and whenever I ordered their hot wings combo, they always gave me six pieces instead of the standard five. They never told me, “Oh, hey, we’ll give you an extra piece” and I never acknowledged them for what they did, but it was always an extra piece for some strange reason.


So, during this visit on Friday, I again ordered the 5-piece Hot Wings combo, and also got two sticks of Flaming BBQ chicken. It was quite a long wait before I could order, because they were busy getting the orders for the two customers in front of me. The guy behind me got so flustered that he threw down the exact change right after I was served, got his order (just one of those 3-piece boxes or whatever that were pre-prepared), stole something from the dessert display at the front counter, and then took off. One of the staff yelled at him, but obviously it was a futile attempt to stop him.

Anyway, after all that drama was over, I got my food and ate there. I haven’t been inside a Church’s Chicken for a while, and certainly not this particular location for a couple of years, but I see they have done some fancy work on their tables. They have these images of young ladies with the Church’s logo advertising something. I wasn’t too interested so I just focused on my food. 😉


I wasn’t expecting an extra piece of wing this time, and I was right about that. “Just” five pieces. Even though I’m not a fan of Church’s Chicken things and legs, I’ve always enjoyed their hot wings. I find them to be tasty, with the skin very crunchy and also crispy. I found them to be very good in terms of size too, but the ones I got on Friday were smaller than I expected. No big deal, because I also had the two sticks of flaming BBQ. I’d had them once before, but it’d been such a long time ago that I wanted to try them again. Oh, my gosh, the flaming BBQ chicken sticks were really, really spicy hot. The taste just lingered in my mouth for a long time, and I had to keep drinking the pop to make it go away. Really, one stick would have been enough, because all I tasted was just the extremely hot sauce and for me, it wasn’t pleasant. As for the fries, well, they would have tasted better with gravy, so they’re not my favourite thing to have at Church’s. The only reason I got a combo instead of just the hot wings + pop was the fact that those two items, without the fries, would have been more expensive than the combo (as the pop was something like $2.29 and the wings by themselves were around $7).

Coincidentally, my friend Vicki came in just as I was wrapping up, so we sat and talked for a bit. She offered me her fries but I couldn’t eat any more. Not after those flaming BBQ things.

When: Friday, September 5, 2014
Flaming BBQ sticks, Hot Wings combo
Church’s Chicken, 2504 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC (Kingsway and Slocan Street)
How Much:
C$5.00 for two sticks; C$8.55 for the wings combo
Final Thoughts:
Too spicy for the flaming BBQ sticks! The hot wings are still very good. Would have been nice without the drama that happened earlier, but oh well, nothing you can do about that.


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