Triple O’s (UBC)

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, I was at UBC and since it was the start of the Winter Session, it was really, really busy on campus with students attending their first day of classes.

The day before, I had checked the Triple O’s website to find out about their new promotions, guessing correctly that they would introduce a new item to mark the start of September. I was proven right, as on their promotions page they were proud to announce that they had just added their Poutine Burger onto their menu for a limited time!

Since I was out at UBC on Tuesday, I knew I had to try their Poutine Burger at the university location near the Henry Angus Building! Naturally, it was a long lineup with the school semester having started, but I knew it was worth the wait. During the summer, when I tried their California Chicken Burger on two separate occasions at this location, I was really satisfied with the taste – even though I was no fan of their service during non-busy hours. (I was so disgusted with their service I took shots at them in a post discussing a different location.)

Well…since it was a poutine burger, there was no sense in getting the combo since theoretically, I didn’t really need the fries. Plus, I did have a bottle of water in my backpack. But, I got the combo anyway.


I’d have to say, once again when my expectations are really high, I ended up getting disappointed. Sure, there was bacon on top of the beef patty. There was poutine in the burger. I just thought…the burger was overrated. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I guess it was just…fast food. Of course, I knew that going in, but I had enjoyed their specialty poutine before…just not poutine in a burger, I suppose. Not a fan. I’ve talked about the fries before. They’re pretty much the same at all Triple O’s locations. However, with this particular location extending its hours to 11:00 p.m. daily (it used to close at 7:00 p.m.), it will be a good spot for students to grab a quick bite as they’re studying or heading to their next class. Also good for a writer like myself in case I want to hang out on campus for a bit to get some work done.

During the Summer Session when there are fewer students around, it’s nice to eat there. Obviously, when it’s Winter Session, well, this place gets loud! There’s also a couple of flat-screen TVs at the bar, and one of the monitors was showing a boring game – the Blue Jays versus the Rays, something I had no interest in. There’s even a patio outside, but given the fact it was raining, everybody was inside enjoying their meals and their chats.


When: Tuesday, September 2, 2014
What: Poutine Burger Combo
Where: Triple O’s UBC, 2015 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC
How Much:
C$7.49 for the burger itself; add C$3.50 for the combo
Final Thoughts: Somehow, it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

UPDATE: I almost forgot…. On the promotions page on their website, they mentioned the Poutine Burger this way: “100% fresh Canadian beef, hickory smoked bacon, thick cut fries, Quebec style cheese curds, beef gravy, and chipotle mayo. Served with a side of gravy for dipping!”  I didn’t get any side of gravy, and I completely forgot about it even though I had read that part the day before! Urgh!

missing poutine


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