Insadong BBQ & Seafood Korean Restaurant (Coquitlam)


Marinated Beef (Bulgogi) Soup in Hot Stone Bowl

Was out in Coquitlam on Monday afternoon, and I stopped by Insadong BBQ & Seafood Korean Restaurant on North Road.


I will admit, I was a bit skeptical at first because while walking around that area trying to decide where to eat, I’d seen quite a few people go into the Vietnamese restaurant next door but nobody had gone into Insadong. Oh well, whatever, I figured I’d give Insadong a try and see what happened.

I was seated right away and provided tea as well as a menu, so it was great right off the bat. However, I noticed the menu that I was given was falling apart! That wasn’t very impressive. Anyway, I didn’t want to drink hot tea so I ordered an Iced Tea, and Chicken Wings as well as Marinated Beef (Bulgogi) Soup in Hot Stone Bowl.


Surprisingly, the Bulgogi Soup came before my iced tea, but I wasn’t too concerned since there was soup to drink, after all. 😉 Of course, as with any Korean restaurant, some side dishes were provided too with the meal. And oh, a side of rice came with the Bulgogi Soup as well. The chicken wings came a few minutes later.


The Bulgogi Soup was very sweet and delicious. It consisted of marinated beef, peppers, mushroom slices, an egg, as well as some other vegetables. It was simply delicious. The wings, meanwhile, were also terrific. The skin was very crispy, and I liked the sauce as well. I also appreciated the fact too that they had some air-conditioning in the restaurant – though perhaps others might not like that.

A few things that I didn’t like included the periodic slamming of the cupboards by the servers and staff. I was seated in a booth next to these cupboards (separated by the aisle, of course), so it was annoying whenever the staff chose to slam things when they were putting things away or picking them up. Just annoying and it wasn’t a peaceful meal at all. Something else that prevented me from having a nice quiet meal was when this group came in and was seated in the booth in front of me. They were talking really loudly so it was annoying too.


The iced tea, meanwhile, never came so I had to ask for it. They’d forgotten about it. (Since the soup was really delicious, I drank practically the entire bowl and didn’t really need the iced tea anymore. I decided to only ask for it if they included it on the bill. Naturally, when it was time to pay, the bill did include the iced tea, so I just asked for it to go, knowing that Asian restaurants typically give you the actual can of the beverage instead of it poured out in a glass.)

Also, the service button at my table, which is supposed to alert the servers on their monitor which table was calling, was broken. It wasn’t a big deal for me, though, since all I really was missing was that iced tea, so I had no need for that button at all. Just thought I would mention it here anyway, because it would make a difference for other diners.

Overall, a great meal in the sense that the food was delicious. The ambience, though, was lacking.


When: Monday, September 1, 2014
Where: Insadong BBQ & Seafood Korean Restaurant, 301 – 403 North Road, Coquitlam, BC (located near Lougheed Town Centre SkyTrain Station and Lougheed Mall)
How Much: Chicken Wings (seven pieces) C$6.99; Marinated Beef (Bulgogi) Soup C$11.99; Iced Tea C$1.99
Final Thoughts: Good food. There are lots of food choices in the area, but overall I was satisfied with my decision to stop by Insadong.




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