Ramie’s Greek Restaurant (Burnaby)

Stopped by Ramie’s Greek Restaurant on Kingsway near Metrotown in Burnaby on Friday evening for some Greek food. 🙂


I thought it was a tiny restaurant, but actually it was a lot bigger than I thought. I was seated at a small table at the far end section of the restaurant, nicely tucked away in my own little corner. Didn’t feel right snapping any interior pictures because it was a busy restaurant and I didn’t want to invade people’s privacy by randomly taking photos of unsuspecting diners. 😉


Ramie’s has so many interesting items to choose from, so I had a difficult time deciding which one to order. I finally picked the Shish Kabob Souvlakia, which is a mix of Chicken and Lamb. The daily soup special of the day was Lentil Soup, and you could choose either a small or large size. While I normally don’t drink soup during the summer, it was actually cool outside today so I ordered the small lentil soup to stay warm. 🙂


The soup was delicious, and even though it was a small, it was plenty enough for me.

The Shish Kabob Souvlakia, meanwhile, took longer to prepare, and the pita was brought out to my table well before it arrived. Since I was a bit hungry, I started eating a bit of the pita…it was too oily, so I used the fork to attack it rather than use my hands.


The souvlakia finally arrived after some time, and gosh, it looked delicious! 🙂 It was served with Greek Salad, rice, potato, and tzatziki dip.


The chicken was juicy and tender, but the lamb was a bit hard. The dip was good, with a nice garlic flavour. Everything, from the salad to the potato to the rice, was delicious, though, so it was a good meal. The service was excellent too, with the server bringing me refills for my water and also asking me how things were. Just a great place to be at the end of a long week. As for the ambience, it was lacking. However, it wasn’t a big deal for me. The food was great, the service was excellent, so other than the oily pita and hard pieces of lamb, I was very happy with everything.


When: Friday, August 29, 2014
What: Lentil Soup; Shish Kabob Souvlakia
Where: Ramie’s Greek Restaurant, 9 – 4287 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC (near Metrotown)
How Much: C$3.50 for the small soup; C$16.95 for the souvlakia
Final Thoughts: The food was great, and the service was marvellous. Highly recommended.


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