Cupcakes (Burnaby)

At a small party recently, I was given an orange-flavoured cupcake from Cupcakes at Metrotown, and I took a picture of it. It was very, very, very sweet!


I was curious as to what the name of this particular cupcake was, so I went onto their website to find out. It DEFINITELY wasn’t the Lemon Drop, and I couldn’t find it anywhere on their menu!


I really wanted to find out, so I emailed the store to ask what it was called. I also inquired if this was indeed the Lemon Drop. Katie-lee G. from the Broadway Vancouver location was kind enough to respond to me just before 9:00 p.m. Apparently, the cupcake that I had was their special Creamsicle Cupcake, one that isn’t part of their regular menu and was only available until the end of August!

katielee cupcakes

So, orange buttercream + cream cheese…. The Creamsicle cupcake was really sweet – too sweet for me – but the service was great! They responded to my email inquiry promptly, so I’m happy about that. 🙂




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