Oishi Prawn Crackers (Spicy Flavour)


Tried these Oishi Prawn Crackers that were Spicy flavour the other day, and gosh, were they ever spicy!! At first, I thought they were nothing exciting because they looked just like your typical prawn crackers…. But after I tried them, I found them a lot more spicier than some of the hot wings that I have had at certain local establishments recently! 😛 (You can totally tell from the red chili peppers on the packaging that they really mean business! 🙂 ) I would say that the spiciness is really strong and lingers for a bit, which makes these prawn crackers stand out.


And oh, the name certainly threw me off.  I assumed it was Japanese (because the word “Oishi” – or “おいしい” – means “delicious” in that language) or perhaps even Korean (because of the spiciness), but Oishi is, in fact, a well-known Filipino snack company.


If you’re looking for a zesty and spicy snack, then this is definitely a good flavour to try! 🙂


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