Firefighters’ Public House (Burnaby)

It was Carson’s final week in town as he was wrapping up his summer work before heading back to the island, so we hung out on Monday night at the Firefighters’ Public House pub on Bonsor Avenue outside of Metrotown Mall.


We decided to share a Large Firefighters’ Nachos for C$15.25 along with our drinks, but the server cautioned us that the “large” was huge. We ignored the warning 😛 and ordered it anyway, and it was indeed a massive bowl of nachos.


I think we came pretty early, because at that time (just after 8:00 p.m.) there were only two other tables that were occupied in this fairly huge pub. (Though a group of about 10 people, as well as a few couples, came in around 9:30-ish.)


The TV monitors were showing this one-hour special on Pete Rose, and Carson and I talked about that among other things. The server would come by periodically and joke with us about the nachos, to see how we were doing because it was a huge portion. She would tell us stories about how she always cautioned people about the size of these nachos but they naturally would want to try the large anyway. Apparently, there was one time this one guy ordered the large and finished the whole thing by himself! According to the server, a small nachos (for C$13.25) would have been sufficient for two people. Oh well.


But anyway, Carson and I were here just to hang out and chat, not really for the food. (Well, he did want to have a couple of beers, so….) We couldn’t finish the nachos – we didn’t even come close – but still, they were really delicious. The nachos came with three layers of double cheese, beans, black olives, tomatoes, green onions, and jalapeño peppers. Just massive. And they were served with salsa and Greek yogurt too. Plus, it was a great place for some drinks and to chat!


When: Monday, August 25, 2014
Large Firefighters’ Nachos
Where: Firefighters’ Public House, 6515 Bonsor Avenue, Burnaby, BC (in the Metrotown area)
How Much: C$15.25
Final Thoughts: If you are at Metrotown and you want to head to a pub/sports bar afterward, the Firefighters’ Public House is definitely a place worth checking out. It’s a huge pub that I think is probably not known or noticed by that many people. A great place to meet friends and hang out for some drinks and food. Highly recommended.


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