Delissio Pizza

Bought this Delissio Pizza for C$4.99 at the Real Canadian Superstore, and I also received 1,000 PC Points for the purchase as part of the weekly offers that I get loaded onto my electronic PC Plus card. (Every 1,000 PC Points received would be the equivalent of C$1 that could be used for future purchases, so really, the pizza cost C$3.99.)


This is not a blog to compare different frozen pizzas, so I’m not going to bring up other brands and start analyzing why Brand X was better than Brand Y (though I did assign this sort of a project for my business students when I was still teaching, where they had to present their findings to the whole class. 🙂 😛 ).

The point is, I paid under five bucks for frozen pizza, and I knew what I was getting. It was definitely very convenient, other than the cutting part because it’s hard when it’s frozen, of course. Otherwise, it’s a simple matter of preheating the oven and then having it baked for 23 minutes at 400°F. Obviously, if you had fresh cheese, you could sprinkle some on top for some additional flavour. 😛


For the price paid, it was good pizza, and after all, I do need to eat at home since I’ve been eating out quite often in the past few weeks. I knew exactly what I was getting when I bought it, and got what I wanted. So, no complaints whatsoever. 🙂


Well, if mushrooms aren’t your thing, you could always go with other toppings offered by Delissio. 🙂 Bon appétit!



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