Pizza Hut Grandview Highway (Vancouver)


Indian Butter Chicken Pizza (personal size) and Salt & Pepper Dry Rub Boneless Chicken Bites

I wanted to check out the Boomers Bar & Grill located at the Planet Ice in Coquitlam earlier on Saturday evening when I was running some errands out that way, only to find out that they were closed for the summer. I didn’t want to check out other places around that area – since there were mostly only chain restaurants that I could visit back in Vancouver, such as Boston Pizza and similar establishments – so I didn’t eat until I got back to Vancouver.

I decided to stop by the Pizza Hut on Grandview Highway for a quick bite before heading home. It was a slow night at this particular location, because when I arrived, the only family that was dining there was just finishing up. It was funny, because I was greeted by a whole bunch of people at the front counter when I walked in – a couple of staff in uniform and I presume the others were the delivery drivers. Okay, maybe not “greeted” by them all, but there were a few of them crowding around the tiny area. 😛


Anyway, I was brought a menu by a female server right away, but it took her awhile before she came back to take my order. I wanted a glass of Mountain Dew, but was told that they only had that soft drink in cans. So, I opted for something healthier: a glass of water. I also went with a personal size of the Indian Butter Chicken Pizza, and 14 pieces of their Salt & Pepper Dry Rub Boneless Chicken Bites.

There was a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall in front of me and it was showing some sort of cycling event, but there was no music in the background. I even overheard someone (perhaps one of the delivery drivers that had just returned) commenting to another person at the counter that there wasn’t any music. Sigh. I heard the reply being they were going to look into it. Oh well.



My boneless chicken bites was brought to my table by the gentleman who worked the counter, and the pizza came moments later, brought by one of the staff in the kitchen. Well, at least I could say it was royal treatment, as I was being served by three different people. 😛

The boneless bites weren’t crunchy at all, so I wasn’t a big fan. I’ll have to admit, the pieces were huge, so they were quite filling. For someone like myself who’s a light eater, I would say the bites were enough as a meal and not simply an appetizer. I would also say that for this particular dish, I prefer quality over quantity. Sure, the pieces were huge, but since they weren’t crunchy, they weren’t anything special at all. Oh, another thing was that on the menu, they gave the Salt & Pepper Dry Rub flavour one flame on their heat index. However, I sensed no taste of spiciness whatsoever. It might as well have been in the “No Heat” section.


The Indian Butter Chicken Pizza, on the other hand, was good. The Indian Butter sauce was creamy, so I felt like I was eating an Indian dish. It was good. The toppings also included grilled chicken breast, roasted red pepper, red onion, and mozzarella. Overall, it was a good pizza, with a nice Indian flavour.

I mentioned earlier there was no music, so it was lacking in terms of ambience. Well, there was sound soon enough…because the staff started vacuuming the lower section of the restaurant during my meal, which I found…let’s just say, distracting. I know I was the only diner in the whole restaurant, but c’mon, it was only 9:45 p.m. and I was in the middle of eating.


I suggested above that I was “lucky” that three different people served me. Well, except none of them came to check on me at all during my meal, so that meant I didn’t get a water refill. It was only after I had finished eating, then the gentleman behind the counter came to ask if everything was okay. (And even then, I wasn’t offered any water refill. 😦 )

I remember being here at this location back in January 2012 on the night of the New England Patriots destroying Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos in a playoff game, twice in the fall of 2012, and then never returning again until October of 2013. This visit was the first time since then*. The reason I didn’t come back for a long time was I felt pressured on at least two occasions by one of the servers to order dessert in the past. Well, “pressure” is too strong a word. It was more like I felt kind of uncomfortable when the server back then was begging me to order something else after my meal. Okay, what happened was she asked if I wanted anything else. When I responded that I was full, she pressed the issue by saying, “What about coffee? A dessert?” in a begging kind of tone. That turned me off. (That particular server wasn’t around this time.)

Now, on this most recent visit, it was completely different. I was virtually ignored the entire night. I can’t say it was an improvement over those times with that other pushy server. Sigh.

*Well, I do remember ordering something for pickup in December of 2013 for a potluck party. I think I might have ordered a lasagna dish then – and it was awesome food. However, since we’re talking about the dining-in experience in this post, that order-for-pickup in December of 2013 doesn’t count as an official visit.

When: Saturday, August 23, 2014
Indian Butter Chicken Pizza (personal size), Boneless Chicken Bites
Where: Pizza Hut Grandview Highway, 2850 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver, BC
How Much: C$4.95 for the personal size pizza; C$11.95 for the chicken bites
Final Thoughts: I might not come back for a while… The last time was October of 2013, so almost a year… Prior to that, the fall of 2012….


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