Curry Zone Indian Cuisine (Vancouver)


Lamb Biryani

Stopped by Curry Zone Indian Cuisine on East Hastings near the PNE on Thursday night for some Indian food. I’d passed by this restaurant three nights earlier and picked up one of their menus so I could figure out what to check out if I actually went in for dinner.

When I went there on Thursday, it wasn’t busy at all and I was served immediately. The server brought over a glass of water and a plate of complimentary Papadom with Mango Chutney, which were these rolled up crispy Indian waffers with this side of condiments containing some mixture of fruit and spices. For me, the chutney tasted like sour jam! I couldn’t really eat much of it; I couldn’t even finish the first piece of papadom.


For the meal, I ordered the Lamb Biryani, which is a large bowl of boneless pieces of lamb delicately cooked with Indian basmati rice and mint leaves. It came in either mild, medium, hot, or extra hot, and since I tend to avoid spicy food items during summer months, I went with the Mild.

I was actually surprised how large the bowl was when it arrived. Being a light eater, I didn’t think I would finish the entire meal! Another thing I found surprising was how much lamb they put in – it was quite a lot! The pieces of lamb were huge too! So, this was a very heavy meal indeed. And oh, the lamb biryani was served with a dish of yogurt, which is called Raita. As the server explained, the raita is yogurt mixed with spices, and can be used as a sauce. He suggested I put a small portion of it on my plate to try it. The raita was good! I thought it was some sort of mayonnaise or dressing – it was a tad on the sour side – but anyway it was a nice dip for the lamb.



After this very filling – and delicious – meal, I still wanted to get ice cream. I know I had made some comments earlier about not wanting to spend money in the Philippines to buy ice cream that I could in North America, and the same logic would apply here in this restaurant. However, I thought what the heck. I ordered the Mango Ice Cream for dessert – and I didn’t regret it!


Overall, I was satisfied with the entire dining experience. Since it wasn’t a busy night for the restaurant, it was a nice and quiet meal with light music in the background – and I got everything served to me very promptly. The lamb was great, and the server was very helpful when I had questions about the condiments. The only thing I didn’t like was the Papadom with Chutney, but again, that was complimentary, so I had nothing to complain about. Would I return to Curry Zone? Very likely, if I’m in the area again.




When: Thursday, August 21, 2014
Lamb Biryani (mild) with Raita; Mango Ice Cream
Where: Curry Zone Indian Cuisine, 2671 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC
How much: C$14.95 for the lamb biryani; C$3.95 for the ice cream
Final Thoughts: Great food and great service


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