Triple O’s Grandview Highway – At Chevron (Vancouver)


California Chicken Burger – a combination of blackened chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, frizzled onions, fresh granny smith apple with lettuce, tomato, ranch, and mayo

I’ve already been to the Triple O’s locations at SFU and UBC on numerous occasions within the last couple of years, so I know all about their menu and special promotions. I notice they’ve had this California Chicken Burger as their promotional item for months now, without any changes, so I’ve been reluctant to return.

Well, for the SFU Triple O’s, they close early during Summer Semester and I’m not up there that often during daytime. I should say, though, the service there is pretty good. As for the UBC Triple O’s, they are open seven days a week until 7:00 p.m. (but are closed during long weekends), which is convenient and gives me another option if I’m in that area. However, I find the service at the UBC location to be lacking. In the last few times I was at the UBC Triple O’s, I found that the people taking the orders looked really bored and unfriendly. In fact, the last time I was there, it was during the early part of the World Cup and I noticed the person who took my order was more interested in watching the action on the monitor than really helping me. Had they continued their Specialty Poutine promotions or come up with newer items, I might have gone to that location more often. But the lack of that as well as the service of late, made it easy for me to not go back for a while now.

On Sunday evening, I decided to check out the Triple O’s location on Grandview Highway, the one that is located within the Chevron gas station. I worked at such a Chevron/Triple O’s store before, back in the early 2000’s, on Marine Drive in Vancouver, so I’m familiar with the type of service these locations offer. (When I worked at the Marine Drive location back then, I remember there would be these Mystery Shoppers that come by regularly and you get evaluated for your service.) None of that UBC Triple O’s attitude nonsense. Plus, the one on Grandview Highway opens late too, until 10 p.m. on Sundays and even later on the other six nights.


As predicted, the cashier at the Grandview location was very friendly and attentive as he took my order. I decided to go with the “promotional” California Chicken Burger (urgh…the same promo for ages now…) with the meal. He asked me to take a seat, and he would bring the food over once it’s ready. It didn’t take that long before he brought it over. Looks delicious! 😛


Naturally, I attacked the fries first before touching the burger. For me personally, Triple O’s fries always tastes better when dipped in gravy. This time, I didn’t get any, so they were just normal, ordinary fries. I guess the best way to explain it is that with Triple O’s fries, they are generally more tasty if you dip it into some sort of sauce or gravy. At least I find that to be the case. With fries from certain other establishments, I eat them just plain and they are still delicious.


As far as the ambience is concerned, I found it to be very pleasant. A very nice, relaxing atmosphere. There was a patio area outside, but since I’d been out for a long walk and wanted to get out of the sun, I opted to stay inside where they also had air-conditioning on. Bonus points for that! It wasn’t busy when I was there. I sat in one of the booth seats and there was one lady behind me who had finished her meal and was just quietly reading a book. I suppose it’s a good location for that – as well as for hanging out and chatting too.



There were a couple of issues that I encountered with the burger. First off, the bun was pretty fragile and was literally falling apart in my hands!


Secondly, I didn’t notice the frizzled onions at all in the burger, one of the ingredients that was supposed to make it tasty. Now, I’ve had this same burger a couple of times at the UBC location – yeah, this item has been on their promotional menu for ages, didn’t I mention this already? – and despite their crap service there, at least the same burger I got there before, twice, tasted delicious. At UBC months ago, I definitely noticed the onions. Here, at Grandview, I unfortunately didn’t.


Still, the good service I received here is a huge factor. Sure, I would come here again, especially if they had new promotional items on their menu. They are open late and it seems like a good place to enjoy a burger. It’s definitely better than a McDonald’s burger, and less pricey than Boston Pizza a block away. As for SFU Triple O’s, I’ll likely be back during Fall/Winter Semesters when they’re open till 5:00 or 6:00 and I happen to be out that way and crave one of their burgers. UBC Triple O’s? Thanks but no thanks – I don’t appreciate their attitude, especially the last few times I’ve been there.

Date: Sunday, August 17, 2014
California Chicken Burger Combo
Purchased at: Triple O’s Grandview Highway – At Chevron, 3505 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver, BC
Price: C$11.49 plus tax
Final Thoughts: See the last paragraph.


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