Kita Sushi (Burnaby)


Teriyaki Bento Box


There aren’t many food choices around Gilmore SkyTrain Station (Gilmore and Dawson) in Burnaby, so on Saturday afternoon I went to check out Kita Sushi right on 4152 Dawson Street, which was a couple of steps away from Starbucks.

Now, I’ve already read some negative reviews online about this particular sushi place, so I really didn’t expect much. As expected (based on a few online reviews), I had to stand and wait for quite a few minutes before the staff took my order (though I should say there were only two people working behind the counter at the time and both were preparing rolls for the two customers who were already seated out in the patio). That allowed me to stare at the menu board to see if I would change my mind about what I wanted to order, but I stuck with my original choice: the Teriyaki Bento Box with deep fried chicken, which came with the standard Miso Soup.

When I sat down at one of the tables, I noticed there were a few flies flying around. I also saw that at the next table they hadn’t bothered to clear the dishes that the last customer had had. (Since it was a small sushi place, there were maybe four or five tables in total, plus additional seating by the window and a couple of tables outside. You can say it’s more of a take-out than a dine-in place.) There was tea available in the huge pot at the front, but I wasn’t up for it so I just sat and waited. Soon enough, two more staff appeared, one of whom was older, so I assume he was the owner or the manager. The other person quickly cleaned and wiped down the table next to mine. I would also assume this place was Korean owned and operated, since they all spoke Korean to each other.


After just watching the flies and studying the take-out menu for a few minutes, my Bento Box arrived. It came Deep Fried Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce, four pieces of the California Rolls, one piece each of the Tuna, Salmon, and Ebi Nigiri, Mixed Green Salad, and rice.


As I admitted on a previous post, I’m no expert when it comes to Japanese cuisine, so I couldn’t tell what’s good and what isn’t. I thought the food was fresh, though. Having said that, I would say it wasn’t that special – it didn’t “wow” me or anything like that in terms of taste. Would I come back? Well, if I’m in the area again, I might check out White Spot a few blocks away or some other new place.


Date: Saturday, August 16, 2014
Teriyaki Bento Box
Purchased at: Kita Sushi, 4152 Dawson Street, Burnaby, BC
Price: C$11.95 plus tax
Final Thoughts: They close fairly early (8:00 p.m. during week nights and 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays and holidays), so if you’re looking to come with a group and hang out over a meal, this might not be the ideal place. If you’re looking to just hang out and chat, Starbucks might be a better bet.


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