Isami Sushi Japanese Restaurant (Burnaby)


Chicken and Scallop Teriyaki

Isami Sushi Japanese Restaurant, which is on Kingsway across the street from Metrotown in Burnaby, receives a lot of positive reviews online, so I decided to check it out for myself. From what is being written online, apparently Isami Sushi is one of very few Japanese restaurants actually owned and operated by a Japanese family (while many other places are operated by Chinese folks). I have to admit, usually when I eat at Japanese restaurants, I go with the “All-You-Can-Eat” menu – which people will say isn’t a good idea because the sushi isn’t the freshest, etc. Therefore, I’m no expert when it comes to Japanese food.


Anyway, I wanted to try Isami on Friday, and I was very impressed with the service. Even though it was a busy Friday evening for the restaurant, the server brought the menu and a glass of water for me almost immediately.


Again, since I don’t normally eat at Japanese restaurants, it took me awhile to figure out what to order. I finally went with the Chicken and Scallop Teriyaki combo, which also came with Miso Soup and rice.


Miso Soup




Overall, I have no complaints about the food or the service. The scallops were tasty, and the sauce gave them a sweet flavour. The chicken came with a lot of bean sprouts at the bottom, which is typical of teriyaki chicken dishes. The chicken itself was harder than I expected – but then, perhaps that’s the way it’s supposed to be – but everything else was good. I’ve probably had better chicken teriyaki before elsewhere – then again, that’s just my personal taste. The server was friendly and brought me a refill glass of water when needed. Certainly, I received better service here than at places such as Kingsway Sushi and Fish On Rice, restaurants I have been to repeatedly this year (and don’t get me started on Kingsway Sushi….).

Again, it was quite busy when I was there – making the atmosphere very lively with lots of people talking at tables around me – so I would imagine it’s a popular restaurant.

I noticed that the two guys that came in just behind me also got up to pay when I was at the counter, so it means they received prompt service as well.

Date: Friday, August 15, 2014
Chicken and Scallop Teriyaki, served with Miso Soup and rice
Purchased at: 
Isami Sushi Japanese Restaurant, 4603 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC
C$15.50 plus tax
Final Thoughts:
I’m no expert when it comes to Japanese dishes, so I can’t really compare Isami to other similar restaurants. I would say, though, the service was great during this visit, and the food arrived in a timely fashion. Overall, I was satisfied.


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