The Moose Sports Bar & Grill (Revisit)


Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings

It was Wednesday evening, and my buddy and I decided to return to The Moose Sports Bar & Grill in Surrey for their wing specials.

In our first visit, we’d ordered their delicious Deluxe Burger with Fries and made plans for a revisit because they have 35-cent wings every Wednesday and Sunday. Can’t beat those wing specials – especially after receiving terrific service on top of the great burger and fries! We were definitely expecting the wings to be just as great.


And oh, last time when we were here, my buddy just missed out on their “Happy Hour” alcohol specials that run from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., so this time we got there by around 5:00 so that he could order a couple of beers with the wings. 🙂

The wing flavours that The Moose offered were Hot, Teriyaki, Honey Garlic, Sweet Chili, and Salt & Pepper. We decided to go all out and order 10 of each of the following: Sweet Chili, Honey Garlic, Hot, and Salt & Pepper. That’s 40 total wings to share between the two of us!


Sweet Chili (top) and Honey Garlic Wings (bottom)

One thing I noticed about these wings was the crispy texture on their skin. For the hot wings, even though it seemed like they just used Frank’s RedHot Sauce, they were still pretty good. My favourite were the Sweet Chili and Salt & Pepper. Really crispy with the texture! Yummy! The one downside was the fact they didn’t have any wet wipes for your hands. Oh well. We definitely enjoyed the wings, though! I would say that if we were counting just pubs, these wings were probably the best that I’d had in a long time.


Hot Wings (mixed with Salt & Pepper)

Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2014
 Chicken Wings
Purchased at: The Moose Sports Bar & Grill, 14974 104 Avenue, Surrey, BC (104 Avenue and 150 Street, Guildford area)
Price: 35 cents each every Wednesday and Sunday
Final Thoughts: The best pub wings I’d had in a long time! Highly recommended.


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