Cho Sun BBQ Korean Restaurant (Vancouver)


Hot Stone Bowl Rice with Salmon – steamed rice topped with vegetables & lightly seared salmon

My group and I decided to try some Korean dishes on Monday, so we picked the Cho Sun BBQ Korean Restaurant on Kingsway in Vancouver.

We parked in the massive parking lot belonging to Safeway across the street and then walked to Cho Sun, which is not only a Korean barbecue restaurant but also one that offers Japanese dishes.


IMG_0935[1] IMG_0936[1]

According to their menu, the Lunch Specials are from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (though their website says it’s till 4:00 p.m.), so we figured we would take advantage of the specials.


I decided on the Hot Stone Bowl with Salmon, which also came with a small bowl of soup. The hot stone bowl consists steamed rice topped with veggies and lightly seared salmon, and it tasted very good. Obviously, though, it was steaming hot. The soup, meanwhile, was very sweet and tasty! Now, I don’t eat a lot of Korean dishes – and haven’t regularly since several years ago when my students used to take me out all the time – so I’m not an expert in this particular type of cuisine. Still, I think this salmon rice bowl was delicious (though I resisted eating the obligatory burned rice at the bottom 😛 ).




And, of course, as with most Korean meals, we were also given a variety of side dishes, including kimchi. Overall, an excellent, healthy meal, along with prompt and friendly service. A good restaurant to have a good meal and chat with your group.

Date: Monday, August 11, 2014
Hot Stone Bowl with Salmon
Purchased at: Cho Sun BBQ Korean Restaurant, 3486 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC
Price: C$9.95 plus tax
Final Thoughts: A tasty Korean dish; definitely worth the price.

Meanwhile, here are some of the items that the others in the gang ordered:


Kimchi Fried Rice


Juicy Beef Short Rib (a side dish that came with cold noodles in soup)


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